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Drums – Pots and Pans Style

I have always loved hearing the drum, especially the tambora drum. I totally wish that I could have learned how to play the drums when I was younger, heck I couldn’t get past the first year of piano lessons. YouTube is a great source of entertainment and I found this video that I thought was cool enough to share here showing a young dude playing the drums on his (or his mother’s) pots and pans.

PBS and the Seventies

A few nights ago on our local PBS channel that I get with my current satellite provider had an awesome show on last night promoting the soul music of the 1970’2. The artists that they had there to perform were right on target, most were the original members, unfortunately some were not. My favorites were The Chi-lites, which prompted me to give a listen to “Have You Seen Her” today, of course via YouTube.com.

The Telephone Man

I found it! The Telephone Man song. It took a while but I did find it and got such a charge out of hearing it again after so long. I even posted it on Face Book to see if I get any responses from it. Finding this song just made my day. Check it out and see if you remember it as well.

Flash Mob

One thing that I’d love to see more of and actually participate in is a Flash Mob. I Googled Flash Mob earlier today and ended up spending a lot more time on the computer than I planned on, getting caught up watching all of the great videos that are online for us to enjoy over and over. I wonder how you find out when and where one of these are being held and how to be involved in it. Anyone got a clue for me out there?

Less Than One Minute and I About Fell Off Of My Chair

When I first starting watching this video that was sent to me today in an email I just wasn’t in the mood to sit through yet another You Tube video, all though it clearly states that it is less than one minute long. I’m glad that I sat down long enough to watch it. It picked my spirits up and has kept me grinning all day when I think of it.