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Spring Coupons Are Arriving

It seems like every time I turn around I am looking for inkjet cartridges to keep my printer printing, seeing as how dependent we have become on our computers at work and home these days. I’m having a hard time keeping my costs down lately, with price tags continuing to rise and my paycheck not getting a bit larger in the process I am really struggling with what used to be every day items that I would run and out buy when needed. Don’t get me wrong I have always looked for cheap ink, but now I’m digging even deeper and finding deals on the Internet for many items that I used to buy inside the many stores that we now have at our disposal in our ever growing town.

Instead of rummaging through all of the numerous sales ads that come in the local newspapers, I’ve been spending more time online looking for  deals that I don’t have to go out and find on my own. And look what I found today online while trying to find a deal on printer ink, this is right up my alley and right on time. I’ll take 10%off and free shipping any day, thank you very much!

The New Band Pickup Violin Was A Hit!

It’s great to hear that the new band pickup violin that I purchased and gave to my cousin for Christmas is a big hit. Her band is going to play at the next high school dance, which is scheduled to be held in the spring. I wish I could go, but I fear that I would embarrass her in front of all of her friends and classmates, by having someone my age hanging around while they play.

It is a rarity that I receive a hand written thank you letter/card, so when I found one in my mailbox, it really made my day. All I ever get in the U.S. Mail is junk mail and bills. I didn’t even get any Christmas cards this year. Everything seems to be online or nothing.

The Band Violin P/U System

Headway The Band Violin Pickup System

Flea Market

Yesterday was supposed to be in the 80’s so I was looking forward to spending the day doing outside activities, the flea market high on the list. Well once again the weatherman wasn’t even close on his forecast and we ended up in the mid 90’s. I still went to the flea market though. I feel so sorry for the vendors that are there on the black top in that kind of heat, it must be hell.

A New And Improved Patio Floor

It looks like I’ll be spending next weekend helping my brother and my uncle put down the new patio floor that has been needing a do over for several years now. Since my uncle’s motorcycle accident, three years ago, he hasn’t been able to do so much of the things that he is used to doing and need to be done around his house and yard, so we are happy to go over and help him as much as possible.

The weather is been so wonderful this Spring, so now is the perfect time to get a job done like this. Between the three of us it shouldn’t take long at all and it is always good to be able to spend time with family members, especially my uncle, he is a trip, my favorite uncle indeed.

Spring Allergies

Spring used to be my favorite season until a few years ago when I started experiencing allergy issues with all the blooming going on. My nose is so sore from blowing it constantly and my throat is really giving me grief lately. Good thing that I don’t smoke, I’m sure that would aggravate it terribly.

I suppose I should go see the doctor and get a prescription while I still have a job with health benefits. One never knows what tomorrow will bring, as far as employment goes. We are all a bit on edge at work.