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Senior Class Rings

The huge selections of senior class rings that are available for today’s high school students can be a bit intimidating, to say the least. My son will be a high school senior next year. We have been anxiously waiting for the class of 2015/2016 to be called to the podium, in their newly renovated gym, by their school Principal, where they will accept their diploma, shake the hands of numerous other dignitaries and exit the stage as an official high school graduate.

I know how much I loved getting my high school senior ring. I wore it for many a years before I retired it. Once in a while I will run across it and so many memories come flooding over me, most of them good ones!

high school senior class ring

Superstar Class Ring – 18kt Yellow Gold

Guitar Slide

It’s refreshing to know that a guitar slide is a reasonable enough gift request for me to tend to this Christmas for my favorite nephew who has wonderful musical talents that we are all trying hard to foster. So far so good. He really is a good kid. Get’s good grades, teachers like him, hangs with a decent enough neighborhood crowd and loves playing music on the guitar.

He managed to graduate from high school last year with a pretty high GPS and is now working as a plumber’s helper while pondering college next year. He wanted to take a year off before attending college. We all tried to convince him from doing so, but it is what it is. I’m sure it will all work out in the end and he will turn into a wonderful young man. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy him and his music while he is still around here at all.

Back To School

According to the new today is the first day of school for many of today’s students. We can now look forward to seeing all the big yellow school buses back on the roads again. I imagine that there are many parents are doing the “Back to School Happy Dance” this morning.  LOL

yellow school bus

The Big Yellow School Bus


You know how there are some people that are just plain out and out lucky. Lucky with cards, lucky with the ladies, lucky in love. Good luck isn’t something that radiates from me. I don’t even bother buying lottery tickets no matter how big the pot gets. To me it’s just like throwing my money right down into the toilet. Times are hard enough as it is.

My older brother on the other hand seems to have all the luck with just about anything that he gets his hands into. He was quite the bachelor around town for a good many a years. Now he is happily married to a gal that he went to high school with, along with two kids, two cars, a great career and a decent mortgage payment that allows him to live the lifestyle that he still does at this point. I don’t know all that many people that are still managing to hang on to their homes or their jobs, so he is really a lucky man.

Military Benefits For Those Who Deserve It The Most

If anyone deserves a break in their lives it is certainly our military personnel who have gone above and beyond and put their lives on the line for us all back home in the land of the free and the home of the brave, right? Most of us know or are related to someone who has or is serving our country, so we know how hard it is for them in so many ways, so any assistance that they are entitled to is a good thing. The Post 911 GI Bill is designed to help them in many ways, one of them being their education.

My brother-in-law is planning on taking advantage of this Post 911 GI Bill and is looking into taking some classes online with the well known Ashworth College that has a huge selection of online courses at very affordable prices. So along with their low prices combined with the benefits offered with the Post 911 GI Bill he should be go to go in a few years with a degree that will help him get a better job when his time is up in the military.

He is looking forward to taking classes online, which will be better than having to attend regular classes that would interfere with his very busy schedule on and off the base. I’m so proud of him and wish him all the luck in world in this challenge that will forever change his and my sister’s lives forever. I can’t wait for graduation, I’ll be the first one to be there to show my support and love for this man who my sister has placed so much trust in the last couple of years.