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New carpet or wood floors?

Well after the major leak last month with the water heater, I have noticed that the carpets smell and even having them cleaned has not helped. I am very sensitive to smells and it just won’t go away. So I am going to pull them up, but I can’t decide if I want carpeting again or wood floors.

On one hand, I love the carpets in the winter because you can’t feel the cold floor. However, wood floors are easier to keep clean and in the event of some kind of flooding like before, they are easier to dry. Of course, then I can get some throw rugs to have around that will compliment my different rooms and look really good. So the entire floor wouldn’t be bare at all.

If I go with the wood, and it looks like I probably will, I have to decide if I want a traditional wood floor or squares. Should I do it myself or have someone else put it in? From what I understand they are not difficult to put in and my brother says he will help if I decide to go that route. I will have to decide soon because I cannot take the smell of mildew any longer.