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The Water Heater Quit on Me

So, my water heater has sprung a huge leak, and everything was wet when I got home. Just what I needed when I got home from work. Ugh !

I was able to shut off the water to the heater without any problems, but now I have a ginormous mess to clean up, as well as needing to replace my water heater. This totally sucks, especially since it is going to cut into my savings to fix it. Oh and I cannot shower until it is fixed. I guess I’ll be ordering take out for dinner and I have to call a plumber in the morning to come fix it.

I am looking online to call places, but if they come out other than 9 to 5, it is super expensive, If I wait till they have an open appointment it is much less. The problem with that is that I will have no hot water for a few days and when they finally come I will have to take off work for them to get in and fix it.

It is really busy at work right now, so my boss will not be happy at all if I have to take a day off. I’ll ask for a meeting with him tomorrow and see if I can make up the time lost by staying late or coming in on Saturday so I don’t fall behind.

Car Repair

It looks like I’ll need to take my car in for some repairs here real soon. My inspection sticker expires at the end of December and I’m sure it will not pass until I sink a few hundred dollars into some repairs. I wish that my inspection sticker was for any other month of the year other than December. I mean of all months December is the worse to have to dish out any money, being right after Christmas and my personal property taxes demanding to be paid at the end of each year as well.

The car needs new brakes, new shocks and the front tires most likely will not pass inspection so it looks like I’ll be needing to brake out my Firestone credit card in order to pay for all of these issues before taking it in for the mandatory yearly inspection. What a drag, I’ve been so good at not using any of my credit cards all year, but nothing good lasts forever, as the old saying goes.

It Really Works

Over the long weekend that we get for the July 4th holiday, I got a lot of yard work done. Man was it hot out there, but I got a lot done and am grateful for the 3 days of work that I accomplished. After the second day, before getting into the shower I did a tick check and low and behold I found one right on my belly.

I tried the liquid soap on the cotton ball trick that I had just posted about last week and was fascinated to see that it really worked with no hassle what so ever.

Here is to hoping that your holiday week/weekend was a good one. Fireworks are always a fun plus!

fireworks display

This Year’s Fireworks

The Telephone Man

I found it! The Telephone Man song. It took a while but I did find it and got such a charge out of hearing it again after so long. I even posted it on Face Book to see if I get any responses from it. Finding this song just made my day. Check it out and see if you remember it as well.

Interstate Hassles

On the way home from work this afternoon I had to take an alternative route home. It appears that a major wreak happened on the Interstate, a hit and run and at least one person was killed. What a mess to deal with on a Wednesday at the end of a long hard day at work. There was nothing fun about this particular “hump day”.

hump day