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Satellite Versus Cable

When I first moved into my new home, it was cable ready, but I knew from the start that I would prefer to subscribe to a satellite company instead, which I switched to immediately after all of the final paperwork was signed, and everything said and done, in the closing of the house. For the most part I have been happy with satellite, it has been just recently that I noticed an increase on my monthly bill and due to a lot of the high winds that we have been experiencing here, I have lost our signal a whole lot more than usual.

The main issue I have right now is the selection on movies that they have to offer as of late, on their Pay Per View Movies, the last couple of times that I have wanted to just kick back and order a movie just by clicking a few buttons on the remote, their hasn’t been much of a selection that I find appealing enough to order.

VHS Tapes

I was at a garage sale this morning and they had a huge collection of VHS tapes for .50 each! They had some of my all-time favorites, too! In the end, I decided not too because I don’t even have a VHS player, so how would I watch them? It was tough to pass them up, though. Does anyone still have a VHS player, or even watch VHS tapes, or is that a thing of the past? It kind of reminds me of a tape player; everyone uses CD’s now.

All I ever see in stores is DVDs for movies, so I’m guessing VHS tapes are done. It was too bad, though, because like I said, that garage sale had an amazing collection. I have heard of some machines that convert VHS to DVD, but I don’t have one of those, and it’d probably be more money than it would be to just go buy the DVD. I actually have Direct TV, so I usually just watch movies On Demand at home.

TV at Home

I have direct tv at home and I watch a lot more TV than I’d probably like to admit. I really love everything on TBS mostly because it’s reruns and a lot of the best movies from when I was growing up. I like Friends a lot and Sex and the City, both of which they air a lot, but they also do all kinds of great comedies like The Hangover and also pretty much every movie Cameron Diazhas ever been in.

I love watching TV in the afternoons when I get home from my night shift and wake up from my long nap and you know, that’s the best way I can think of to let off steam and get the break I need from the day. I don’t know why so many people like to go on runs or play with the dog – if you asked me what I’d like to be doing at any given moment it would be watching something on TV! That’s the truth!