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International Translation Agency Headquartered in London

Most of my relatives (mainly cousins) have some how remained living pretty close to the old homestead, which makes for some very large family celebrations that are held here throughout the year. Christmas and Easter are just plain out and out wicked crazy with the amount of relatives that make a huge effort to manage to get together each year and every year. When you include all of the close and dear family friends and neighbors it can quickly fill up one of the larger homes in the family and always manages to spill out into the outdoors and other out buildings. Good weather is always a plus must with the amount of people that turn out come hell or high water!

This last Easter dinner my cousin Diana didn’t make it. Her new husband was given orders to go over to Germany to continue serving his time for our country in the Army. She was always the one that took charge of the Easter Egg Hunt for all of the dozens of kids that look forward to all year long, but it worked out as well as can be expected without her unique and special touches.

It’s a good thing for the translation agencies that are available to them, but she is refusing to make an effort to try and learn any German what-so-ever while hubby has no choice in the matter if he wants to survive.

This really surprises me because she is such a creative woman with such a great sense of humor. Not to want to reach out and utilize a translation company to aid you in the learning process that is necessary for you  to know the language of the country that you are living in is just plain out and out crazy to me. It appears that she is planning on staying on the base as much as possible, spending her time gossiping with other spouses from America who are counting down the days until they get to go back home and return to their family, friends, jobs and hobbies that they had to leave behind for a few years.

What a waste.

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Translation Agency Interview

I often wonder what my life would be like if I had done things differently. I don’t think I am much different than most people in that way. There were a couple of jobs that I really had hoped to have landed, that might have really impacted my life in various ways. I have always been taught that things happen for a reason, so I usually just roll with it as best as I can.

One job that I really, really wanted was with a brand new translation agency that a lot of local businesses were turning to. The position itself wasn’t as a translator, but as the office manager. My heart was broken when I didn’t get a call back after my interview. I thought that it had gone quite well actually and I even sent a nice thank you letter a few days after the interview. I ended up working at a kiosk at the local mall shortly after, selling dolls.

I wonder if I had landed that job, if I would have gone the extra mile and actually started to learn a foreign language, instead of ending up with shelves upon shelves and boxes and boxes of dolls all around the house.