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Les Paul Deluxe

You would have to be blind not to see and appreciate this Gibson 2015 Les Paul Deluxe Electric Guitar  that I have been eyeballing for some time now. This not only looks fabulous but sounds awesome as well.

I should know, I have actually had the opportunity to play one at the at guitar center hollywood hours that is so well known at our local mall. I have been a real good girl this year, I wonder if Santa will bring me one and put it under the Christmas tree for me to find on Christmas morning.

Sunburst Is Way Cool

Gibson 2015 Les Paul Deluxe Commemorative Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry Sunburst

Using My PayPal

Just the thought of setting foot out my door on Black Friday is a scary thought. I do everything that I can to stay home on the famous shopping day, the Friday after Thanksgiving. I mean really, with the Internet who the heck needs to go out anyway. I have managed to get a good amount of my Christmas shopping done all ready, 99% of it has been done online.

This Friday I will order the best electric guitar for the money that I found on sale online. I use my PayPal card with most of my online purchases and I always look for free shipping options. And the fact that my orders arrive at my door is just the cherry on top of doing all the holiday shopping chores online.

The Legendary Thrash Band Exodus

Musician’s Friend is having a Memorial Day Doorbuster Sale and I have found an esp-ecially awesome Black ESP Gary Holt Signature Model Electric Guitar that I can’t seem to shake out of my head. This is a new guitar that is named after legendary thrash band Exodus. I love the color and I can just imagine how it would look and feel strapped on to me.


ESP LTD GH600EC Gary Holt Signature Model Electric Guitar Black

A Rustic American Guitar

Who wouldn’t like to own one of this beauties. I mean this Fender FSR American Stratocaster Rustic Ash Electric Guitar can be bought online for just over a grand! This particular one of the american guitars that I found is in near-factory condition.  It is covered by the company’s 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and they don’t charge for shipping and handling.

I do believe I know what will be on the top of my birthday wish list this year. It would be a miracle if I actually received one but a guy can dream, right?

Rustic Guitars

Fender FSR American Stratocaster Rustic Ash Electric Guitar