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Green Web Hosting

One of my New Year’s resolutions for this year is to try and do more in order to be as “green” as possible. I have always been an avid recycler so there isn’t much more that I can do as far as recycling goes. But I have heard that there are web site hosting options out there that are doing what they can do in order to go green.

I’ve been told to go to webhostingrating dot com to find a good web host directory that shows a ton of webhostings and even a page dedicated to the ones that are advertising as being green. So I spent some time there last night and have decided to go with FatCow. Out of their top ten web hostings only FatCow made it although there are many more that are going green, but I’ve heard of FatCow before and I like what they have to offer their customers all the way around.

This really is an interesting and most helpful site to check out folks and I urge anyone else to take a look and see if their is a better option for your web hosting needs and if you want to go green it is a good place to start.

I’m Staying on My Green Soap Box

I’ve decided to take a look around at the various website hosting providers that are now joining in on the green movement. I have always tried to do what I could to help the environment, recycling has always been a big deal to and I tend to get on my recycling soap box more than some people would like me to, but I really feel strong about the cause and I really wish more people would take it a bit more seriously. I mean it really isn’t hard for heaven’s sake and it is well worth the little bit of effort that it takes to recycle.

So when I found out that their were green options out there for web hosting I really want to do my research and see what that is all about. I found a great web hosting rating and directory site at Webhostinggeek dot com and I’d like to urge others to go there as well and see all that they have to offer in reviewing the ones that have gone green. I think that I’m going to switch to GreenGeeks which is number 5 on their list of their Top Ten Eco-friendly Web Hosts and are only $4.95 month. You can’t go wrong with that now can you?

If You Know Me At All

If you know me at all either from here on my ramblings on this blog or in real life up and personal like then you know how I feel about the recycling issue that is such a hot topic these days. I grew up with parents from the Woodstock hippie generation and was brought up with recycling becoming second nature in life. I have a habit of getting on my soap box at times about people being too lazy to participate in even the simplest recycling effort. And I’ve implemented many a recycling programs in places that I’ve worked out all of my life.

Tonight was the first night of the new TV show on CNBC called “The Secret Life of Garbage” and I’m so glad to see that this trash issue is being addressed on national TV. Did you know that 80% of the trash that we throw out could be recycled and that only 28% of our trash ends up in the recycling bins. That is an outrageous percentage folks, we could be doing so much better than that!

the need to recycle is rising

Please Recycle


Jumping On The Eco-Friendly Bandwagon With Green Web Hostings

It’s interesting to read what is going on in the web hosting industry. We all have the opportunity to choose what web hosting provider we think will do the best job for us for the money that we pay out to them for their important services that they provide for us. So just like anything else that we purchase, some type of research only makes sense and there are some good tools available for us to use to do just that. So I’ve spent some time at webhostingfan dot com checking out what they have to say about the various web hostings that are out there for us to use. I had no idea that there were providers out there that are going “GREEN” and was happy to read what all these particular providers are doing in order to become a brighter shade of green with all of the concerns going on these days with our environment issues.

The leading providers in the industry that are offering eco-friendly services are GreenGeeks, FatCow, iPage, Hostgator, Hostpap and SiteCloud, something that you should consider next time you decide to sign on the dotted line for your web hosting needs and wants. I really wish that these companies got more attention paid to their efforts in the industry. It would be a really good thing to see a story on the news informing the public about this important issue. We are always hearing ways to get greener in our every day lives, but I have never once heard them say that we can help out by choosing one of these companies to handle our web hosting needs.

For more information about this subject I would urge you to check out webhostingfan dot com and read for yourself and then hopefully pass the word along to others and help get the word out for more people to learn about these efforts and options. Not only do they have all the latest news in the web hosting industry but they have ratings and reviews a plenty and their blog, I found, is most interesting and was helpful as well, not just a bunch of advertising mumbo jumbo that so many sites are offering these days on their blogs.

Almost Invisible Mirrored Tree House Built in Sweden

I have always enjoyed tree houses. My dad built me and my brothers one of the best tree houses in the neighborhood and I would love to do the same one day for my kids, if that were to ever happen. Today when I signed onto the Internet this story and picture popped up and I couldn’t help checking it out further. This is one serious tree house my friends.

“Everything will reflect in this — the trees, the birds, the clouds, the sun, everything. So it should be invisible nearly in the forest.”

But the architects built it, one of six units in a “Treehotel,” which recently opened 40 miles south of the Arctic Circle in Sweden”