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Les Paul Deluxe

You would have to be blind not to see and appreciate this Gibson 2015 Les Paul Deluxe Electric Guitar  that I have been eyeballing for some time now. This not only looks fabulous but sounds awesome as well.

I should know, I have actually had the opportunity to play one at the at guitar center hollywood hours that is so well known at our local mall. I have been a real good girl this year, I wonder if Santa will bring me one and put it under the Christmas tree for me to find on Christmas morning.

Sunburst Is Way Cool

Gibson 2015 Les Paul Deluxe Commemorative Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry Sunburst

Karaoke Music at Ace Karaoke Accepts PayPal

My nephew, Billy, really has taken his time and put a lot of thought in to how he is going to spend the Birthday money that he has accumulated throughout the week. Some people put some restrictions on what he could use their gift of either cash or gift cards, but I gave him the total freedom to do what he wanted to do with it, which works for both of us each year. I actually sent him money from my PayPal account to his PayPal account and he is using his PayPal account for more and more of his online purchases, I know that I rely on PayPal for a ton of transactions and more websites are accepting PayPal which is always a plus for me.

The vocopro karaoke at Musicians Friend, which is where Billy is doing some of his shopping at accepts PayPal, of course along with the other major credit cards. Billy sent me the link to this karaoke music online store to show me what he was considering ordering from there, which I thought was nice of him.

He really is a good kid. I’m so glad that he is into music, all types of music, not just the junk that they are producing and playing these days. I like a variety of music and appreciate all types of music. So many teens get sucked into the music that all the other kids are listening to and what they are surrounded by and don’t give any other type of music a chance. Unless of course their parents listen only to country music, whether it be in the house and/or in the car, this kid will be at least exposed to a different type of music, which hopefully opens doors to other types of music. Music is Life and Life is Music.



Push 2 at Guitarcenter.com For Our Family Computer Whiz

It feels pretty weird to get someone that you love and care about a birthday present that you don’t even have a clue as to what it is. I have talked about my geeky younger brother who has turned out to be the family computer whiz that we all turn to with our computer problems these past couple of years. I swear I don’t know why he has decided not to make this his full time job instead of just piddling around with it and assisting the friends and families that utilize his skills and knowledge for free. I understand that he loves his full time job, but he certainly isn’t getting rich by running the local gas station that he has been managing for the past 10 years or so.

All he wants for his birthday  is computer related products and I have agreed to purchase the push 2 at guitarcenter.com for him since it was the last thing on his  wish list that he emailed everyone, which is what our family has been doing these past couple of years when it comes to gift giving occasions. That way we all know who wants what and we can communicate so easily with emails. Who would have thought, ten years ago that we would be relying so heavily on the Internet to keep in touch with each other?

I just hope I got him the right one.

Cigar Sampler Is The Way Too Go For Me

For Father’s Day this year; my little sister has written a poem for our Dad, it’s a keeper. It is such a good piece of work that she has decided to put it on the Internet and present it to our Dad on his lap top come Sunday. Father’s Day is always on a Sunday. In order to do that she needs to choose a web hosting provider and get a web site up and running, one that she intends on keeping on with writing her poetry on. She has got a talent for writing and I think that this is a wonderful idea, one that I totally support.

She has begun doing her homework on which web hosting provider to go with. She found and used a website which is a top notch web hosting rating site that provides a good amount of some very useful information for someone like her that is new to the task of having a website. They are an independent customer rating service of their ten top web hosting companies. She is just starting out and isn’t interested in a lot of bells and whistles, plus she doesn’t want a bunch of strings attached either. A freebie would be the best bet for her at her age with a very limited budget, but I’m sure she will have to deal with a good amount of pop ups and other annoyances, but such is life!

Medium Body Sampler D

Famous Medium Body Sampler D

I on the other hand give my dad the same thing each and every year, a box of cigars. I mix it up each time and have never bought him the same kind twice. He always enjoys the anticipation that comes along with seeing what kind of cigars discount I have come up with. This year it is a sampler, which I think is always welcomed and appreciated. Variety is the spice of life!

A Yoga Strap

The yoga strap that I ordered for my yoga loving sister-in-law just came in the mail today. I’m so thrilled that I found such a great deal on this particular yoga prop that I know that she has been wanting for some time now, but was holding off on so that someone could buy it for her as a Christmas gift, which worked out well for the both of us. I hope that it is the right kind, as I know nothing about yoga or any of the equipment that they use for it and there were several types being offered at the site that I ordered from.

yoga strap

yoga strap

It’s too bad that she won’t be joining us on Christmas day this up and coming holiday season, but we have all ready decided and planned to get together the week between Christmas Day and New Years. We will have a nice dinner, catch up on all the latest gossip and exchange gifts at that point. A nice quite evening to look forward to, we have always gotten along well together and just because my dumb kid brother acted the fool and they have parted ways doesn’t mean I can’t continue our friendship for as long as we want.