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Gaylord Spings for Great Golf

Being the avid golf fan, the past time has become a weekend ritual for myself and son. Each Saturday we head out to our favorite greens, the Gaylord Opryland Resort Golf Course,Gaylord Springs. It is such a great place to get in a terrific game of golf, and during the last several years of my playing, those sharing their love of golf have became great aquaintances.

My wife does volunteer work each weekend, so she is always hassling me to remember to set the security choice alarm before I walk out the door. Once this is done, I am lost in my world of golf for the remainder of the day. She always love to hear my stories of the great game I played today!

My game gets better with every weekend that I am out there playing. Although most say no, I still think I could be as good as Tiger Woods one day. The golf course at Gaylord Springs is 18 holes, with a clubhouse that wil take your breath away. I think playing there will help me play like him one day.

Rechargeable Batteries, The Only Way To Go

Batteries are a big deal in my house, much like every other household that is overflowing with all of the latest technology and gadgets that require power that we get from batteries of all shapes and sizes.

I decided a long time ago to go with the rechargeable batteries when possible, they are a much better value all the way around. With Christmas coming up I’m starting to buy and stock up on several varieties of rechargeable batteries, like the eneloop 9v ones that are starting to reappear in more gadgets other than transistor radios like in the old days. Of course the AA and AAA ones are still the most popular and we go through those like candy around here.

battery charger

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Josh Point 0

The Comedy Channel is on most of the time these days. I’m a firm believer of laughter being the best medicine and with this god awful heat that we have been experiencing each and every day, over and over again, we could use a good dose of some mighty fine medicine, along with a nice cold beer!

One of my favorite shows to watch on The Comedy Channel is Josh.O. This dude just continues to crack me up and he is easy on the eyes as well. I’ve talked with some folks that think he crosses the line just a tad bit more than they would like and have stopped watching his show. So far I still find him funny and will continue watching him until they drop an axe on him, which is something that is hanging over his head on a daily basis.

Backyard Playgrounds

If you ever want to purchase what is considered now a days to be backyard playgrounds then I would encourage you to see the swing sets richmond va has to offer these days. They have professionals ready to build and install whatever you come up with in order to make the kids in your family and neighborhood some pretty happy campers.

Right now they are featuring this delightful play set that I have taken the liberty of cutting and pasting onto my blog so that you can really see what I am talking about. I hope that you can see the quality wood and the quality work involved with this wonderful piece of work.

Currently Featuring

Delightful Backyard Play-Set


Who Knew Online Penny Auctions Could Be So Much Fun

Most people enjoy shopping, but many don’t enjoy going out to the brick and mortar stores to do it. According to the DealDash Review that I was reading on the huffingtonpost website DealDash makes shopping much more fun to those who want to enjoy the shopping experience without leaving the comforts of our own home. Of course the concept of shopping online isn’t a new one, many of us are doing more and more of our every day shopping via the Internet, but Deal Dash has made online shopping more like a game.

Deal Dash is a penny auction site, so I thought that maybe I would let people know about it here on my blog. I checked Deal Dash out for a few minutes and it does look pretty interesting, but I couldn’t bid on anything today because all of my money from my last paycheck was spent on Christmas items. But after Christmas is all over and done with I plan on going back and finding stuff that floats my boat and start placing some bids on things that I need for after the holidays. You can be sure I’ll be telling you all about it come the year 2013.