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The Telephone Man

I found it! The Telephone Man song. It took a while but I did find it and got such a charge out of hearing it again after so long. I even posted it on Face Book to see if I get any responses from it. Finding this song just made my day. Check it out and see if you remember it as well.

Jumping On The Eco-Friendly Bandwagon With Green Web Hostings

It’s interesting to read what is going on in the web hosting industry. We all have the opportunity to choose what web hosting provider we think will do the best job for us for the money that we pay out to them for their important services that they provide for us. So just like anything else that we purchase, some type of research only makes sense and there are some good tools available for us to use to do just that. So I’ve spent some time at webhostingfan dot com checking out what they have to say about the various web hostings that are out there for us to use. I had no idea that there were providers out there that are going “GREEN” and was happy to read what all these particular providers are doing in order to become a brighter shade of green with all of the concerns going on these days with our environment issues.

The leading providers in the industry that are offering eco-friendly services are GreenGeeks, FatCow, iPage, Hostgator, Hostpap and SiteCloud, something that you should consider next time you decide to sign on the dotted line for your web hosting needs and wants. I really wish that these companies got more attention paid to their efforts in the industry. It would be a really good thing to see a story on the news informing the public about this important issue. We are always hearing ways to get greener in our every day lives, but I have never once heard them say that we can help out by choosing one of these companies to handle our web hosting needs.

For more information about this subject I would urge you to check out webhostingfan dot com and read for yourself and then hopefully pass the word along to others and help get the word out for more people to learn about these efforts and options. Not only do they have all the latest news in the web hosting industry but they have ratings and reviews a plenty and their blog, I found, is most interesting and was helpful as well, not just a bunch of advertising mumbo jumbo that so many sites are offering these days on their blogs.

FreeShipping.com Scam Protection Tips for Online Shoppers

Shopping online is extremely popular nowadays, so it’s often easy to have a false sense of security when you’re entering your credit card information online. Unfortunately, you can easily become a victim of fraud, scams, and/or identity theft if you aren’t careful. The Freeshipping.com scam experts have put together a smart list four things you should watch for when you’re shopping online in order to avoid unnecessary shipping costs and related problems. We’ve also provided some tips for dealing with an online scam if it’s too late to prevent it.

·         Check out customer feedback before you make a purchase.

Do they have a company Facebook page?

·         Buy from users with a selling history.

It’s riskier to buy something online from a user with little to no selling history. That’s not to say that individuals who have never sold online before are out to scam you, but you should be a little more careful with newbies. Do research before making a major purchase, and investigate the website’s buying and selling policy to see if you’re covered in the event of a scam.

·         Actually read the terms and conditions.

Reading the terms and conditions is the best thing you can do when you’re on a website and you want to ensure you’re legally covered when you make a purchase. Terms and conditions are long, dry documents, but reading them can be very enlightening. For example, you’ll want to know in advance that a company has a policy of charging a subscription fee to your account every month after you enter your credit card or bank account. This could be perfectly legitimate, and easily overlooked when you don’t read the details.

·         Check the URL of the website you’re on.

Scam websites understand that they need to be convincing if they will be able to continue to get away with tricking and scamming people. Check the URL of the website you’re on to determine if it is a spoof site like “ebayz.com.” This is especially important before entering any login information that might be captures and used against you. Do the same before you open any URLs in emails from senders with whom you aren’t very familiar. If you do find that the URL is questionable, then cancel any information you’ve entered and close the browser window. This is a good way to protect your computer, too.

Carefully review Free Shipping conditions and you will see that, as with any reputable online company, their policies are spelled out for anyone to peruse. Some sites make it more difficult to understand their policies, which makes scamming an even bigger risk. If you are a victim of a scam, keep all evidence and report it to the police immediately. There is a chance that you could recover some or all of what you lost if you act quickly and report it to the authorities.

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power

The pedal power 4×4 at musicians friend that I ordered last week came in today. I hope that my nephew will be impressed with this Voodoo Lab Pedal Power that he will find under the Christmas tree come Christmas morning. I wish that I could be there to see the look on his face. My sister has promised to take plenty of pictures to post on Facebook, so that will just have to do.

It’s a shame that my family just keeps on spreading out farther and farther with each passing year. I can’t image getting the whole family together for Christmas or Thanksgiving any time soon. I don’t think it would happen for a wedding either. And let us hope that we don’t have any funerals to find out how many would be able to attend.

Yoga Accessories

Not knowing a single thing about yoga, when my sister asked me to get her one of the yoga bolsters that she had picked out and sent a picture of to me today in an email, I wasn’t quite sure exactly what to think. Not that it’s a big deal for me to know in order to order and give to her, it’s just that it made me realize that I really don’t know a lot about my sister and what she is into these days. Heck I didn’t even know she was into yoga for heaven’s sake.

yoga accessories

yoga bolsters

So I have decided that once the holidays are all over and done with we are going to have to start spending more time with each other. It’s not like we live all that far from each other, but we all get so darned busy and next thing you know we only seem to communicate with a text now and then, or an occasional email or a shout out on Facebook and that just doesn’t seem to be cutting the mustard lately. More face to face is needed and I’m going to try and manage more face to face in the very near future. I sure hope she feels the same way!