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The Crunching of Numbers

Adding fractions has always given me problems, actually any type of math has always given me problems. 4th grade math and 5th grade math was a real huge struggle for me. I actually had to go to summer school one of those years before graduating to junior high. That really screwed up that summer for me and I started working extra hard after that so that I’d never have to do that again.

Back then we didn’t have the Internet to turn to. Now a days students can find tutoring on their computers, how cool is that? A handy dandy online Algebra solver would certainly come in handy for this kid back then when I finally got into High School. At this point in my life I depend on my calculator to get me through the day!

Cardiff Castle

Looking around online just a bit learning some of places in the surrounding over in the U.K. that a group of the family is planning on visiting in the near future, if we can work it all out. I have to say that Cardiff looks pretty cool. I’d love to visit the Cardiff Castle that was built by the Romans, who were the first people to settle the area owing to its strategic location at the centre of three river systems, set up their original wooden fortification in AD 55 high atop the hill overlooking Cardiff.

This castle has over 2,000 years of history that they are willing to share with the public, with tons of events for everyone who visits and tours the castle and it’s grounds.

The Romans

Cardiff Castle

I just checked the weather there, it is sunny and in the 50’s, pretty much the same as here!


Years ago I worked at a school for the mentally challenged, in the HR Department, I was a recruiter that was kept very busy each and every day with the high turn over rate of employees that would come and go as fast as I could find them, interview them, process them, train them and on the job in the quickest amount of time possible.

It was crazy but I learned a lot from the experience and I still keep in touch with several of the folks that I worked with there back then. Once in a while I’ll stop in and see who is still there and catch up with what’s going on and with who. I’ve been told that I would be welcomed back with open arms if I ever find myself looking for a job, which is good to know in these uncertain times.

Some things have stayed the same, but a lot of changes have occurred since I left the place. Technology is a wonderful thing and it keeps producing products that make life easier each and every day. I usually get the nickel tour of the place each time I stop by and the last time I visited they were proud to point out their new ID Card Printer and Badge Printer System that they ordered from ultramagicard dot com. I would have loved to have had that puppy back when I was working there, the one I was stuck with was ancient and was nothing buy trouble most of the time we tried to use it.

They tell me that at ultramagicard dot com you can get all the latest equipment for all your badge and I.D. needs. They have  MA100K,  MA100YMCKO and  MA250YMCKO  which are ribbons for Enduro series of ID card printers. This ribbon has a yield of 250 full-color images which is a good amount of images. They offer just about anything else that you would need in a environment that depends on systems that are now available like these.

A historical spring break trip

Well, I guess that this spring break trip may be one for the history books too, but I wanted to take a trip where I could really dive into some history instead of just a mixed drink. I did the Cancun thing for spring break last year and although I had a really great time, I got a little bored halfway through my trip because I just got tired of laying out on the beach all day. Well, this year for spring break I got a few of my friends together to go with me to New Orleans instead.

Even though we go to college in the state and have been a few times, I’ve never done any of the historical stuff while I was there. I’ve been researching all kinds of sites for us to see, but I’m making sure that we do the Bourbon Street thing at least one night too. Besides, we will be college students on spring break!

I’m really looking forward to this.

Fuddy Duddy

After my spell checker not liking the words fuddy duddy that I used in the last post the other day, I decided to Google it to make sure that it really was a word and that the spelling was correct and this is what I found:

Urban Dictionary: Fuddy Duddy

An old, boring, no humor, crabby, no imagination, anal-retentive person.

“Quit being such an old fuddy duddy, lighten up some!”

I was right! Yeah me!