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Push 2 at Guitarcenter.com For Our Family Computer Whiz

It feels pretty weird to get someone that you love and care about a birthday present that you don’t even have a clue as to what it is. I have talked about my geeky younger brother who has turned out to be the family computer whiz that we all turn to with our computer problems these past couple of years. I swear I don’t know why he has decided not to make this his full time job instead of just piddling around with it and assisting the friends and families that utilize his skills and knowledge for free. I understand that he loves his full time job, but he certainly isn’t getting rich by running the local gas station that he has been managing for the past 10 years or so.

All he wants for his birthday  is computer related products and I have agreed to purchase the push 2 at guitarcenter.com for him since it was the last thing on his  wish list that he emailed everyone, which is what our family has been doing these past couple of years when it comes to gift giving occasions. That way we all know who wants what and we can communicate so easily with emails. Who would have thought, ten years ago that we would be relying so heavily on the Internet to keep in touch with each other?

I just hope I got him the right one.

The Naming of One’s New Baby

Something that I have always had fun doing is reading what the Top 100 Baby Girl Names and Top 100 Baby Boy Names are for the year. Some names seem to always be in the top 20 or so I’ve noticed and they are usually very religious based names at that, not surprising really, considering we are basically a God fearing nation. A co-worker is expecting her first baby and we are putting together a baby shower which we are hoping will be a surprise, if certain people can keep their mouths closed, which can be a challenge for a work place full of females that have worked together for years and years. But I do love it there and we have fun.

I figured that I would go online and shop around for a baby gift when I stumbled on to a site with a lot of good gift ideas that I had a blast looking at, and I spent more time on the site than I thought I would have but I get such a kick out of all of the gadgets that they have now a days and I get lost in it all.

Of course like all websites, there are other links to tempt you and this one is no different and that is how I got on the subject of the top 100 names as I was alluding to earlier. I have to admit that the lists are not much different than the year(s) before but I find myself still looking at them all these years for some reason.

Celebrate The Sweet Sixteen

For the past year I had been preparing for my daughters Sweet Sixteen birthday party that she has been talking about since she learned about how big a Sweet Sixteen party usually is celebrated by many people. She had come up with so many themes and never ending ideas for how it play out. I warned her I wouldn’t go all out like they do on her favorite show on MTV, Sweet Sixteen.

She knew not to expect anything over the top but needless to say I put a ton of effort into making it as close as I possibly could to her dream sweet sixteen. For almost a year before her sixteenth birthday I have been spending many nights that she is away at a friends house on the computer finding the best bargains I could find, and I came across some really cool sites. I picked up a sweet zentera amp that I know she’ll be just crazy about.

One site in particular promised that the whole night would be a glowing celebration. I found these awesome classic black lights online, for what I think was an unbelievable price and ordered 2 dozen black lights to place around the party area for her birthday. It was the most talked about thing all night long at her sweet sixteen celebration. Even though her birthday wasn’t as extravagant as they are on TV, but it was a unforgettable night for her and her guests, I couldn’t be any happier for how her birthday turned out.

Now it’s time to sit back and face the fact that my sixteen year old little girl is a full blown teenager. The real scary part is now she is of legal age to start the process of getting her driver’s license!

sixteen, the next chapter

16 Years To Celebrate

Sister’s Birthday

My sister’s birthday is coming up and I have purchased her a nice kitchen apron with the saying “Caution, I turn from a great hostess to a complete bitch in 2.3 seconds!” man if that doesn’t suite her I don’t know what does. She is a great cook and tends to hold most of the family holiday dinners at her place, but man oh man, stay out of the kitchen and keep your opinion to yourself while she is cooking. I’ve learned the hard way, more than once through out the years!


One of the shows that I enjoy watching, when I’m in the mood is on TLC called The Cake Boss. This guy makes the most unbelievable cakes for people all over the world. It is a family run business operating since 1910 in New Jersey and for some reason they just make me laugh and drool at all of the goodies that they hand make each and every day at their ever growing bakery.

So when my friend sent me an email with photos of edible cakes made by a lady in Russia I just had to take a look and see how they compare with The Cake Boss. I’m surprised to see that she is most definitely right up there with him and I wanted to post a few of the ones that really tickled me to see. Wish I had the time and the patience to post them all, they are really quite good and completely edible through and through.