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Gaylord Spings for Great Golf

Being the avid golf fan, the past time has become a weekend ritual for myself and son. Each Saturday we head out to our favorite greens, the Gaylord Opryland Resort Golf Course,Gaylord Springs. It is such a great place to get in a terrific game of golf, and during the last several years of my playing, those sharing their love of golf have became great aquaintances.

My wife does volunteer work each weekend, so she is always hassling me to remember to set the security choice alarm before I walk out the door. Once this is done, I am lost in my world of golf for the remainder of the day. She always love to hear my stories of the great game I played today!

My game gets better with every weekend that I am out there playing. Although most say no, I still think I could be as good as Tiger Woods one day. The golf course at Gaylord Springs is 18 holes, with a clubhouse that wil take your breath away. I think playing there will help me play like him one day.

The Up Dating of Maps

The way that they are constantly changing the names of countries it would be hard to keep up with the job of being a mapmaker these days. But I guess that it would be good job security though. I am pretty familiar with the globe and what is where, and who belongs to who, but sometimes I’m really thrown for a loop about some places.

This time stemming from a conversation at work with a buddy who is planning a unique vacation for his family this summer vacation season. He has had enough of Disney World and the typical family style get-a-ways that they have fallen into the routine of, so he has gone online and has spent a good amount of time researching to come up with The Great British Holiday at Butlins Minehead.

Gîte – A French Holiday Home That is Available For Rent

I got an email from Larry, an old class mate of mine from back in our middle school days, telling me that that he and his new wife are taking a nice long two week vacation in March, which is a great time to get away from all of the cold weather and the wet snow that we usually get that time of year. They are first going to England, then Spain and then on to France. Sounds good to me, I’m so very envious of them. I wish that I could spend some time over seas. I’ve always wanted to fly over to England and then travel all over Europe seeing and experiencing all the wonderful things and places that we’ve always heard so much about. Maybe one day I’ll have enough cash to do just that. I’d like to locate and rent one of top notch ski apartments that are so popular for people that enjoy snow skiing, snow boarding, snowmobiling and all other outside winter activities. There are a lot of snowboard tips and snowboard tricks that are being offered for snowboard for beginners like myself, these days.

In Larry’s email he states that they are taking their time in looking for one of the nicer gites in France, which led me to the dictionary. I had no idea what the definition of gîte was so I wanted to see what the dictionary had to say about it. Apparently a gîte is a French holiday home that is available for rent and comes fully furnished and equipped for self-catering. The Internet will certainly be a useful tool in finding the perfect accommodations for them. No longer do you have to find yourself traveling blindly and hoping for the best when you get there. We have all heard horror stories of such tragedies.

I emailed Larry back and encouraged him to send me a post card and to have a wonderful time and to take plenty of pictures that he can post on Face book for all of us to see and enjoy along with them upon their return.

Automatic Pool Cover

Only a few more months and hopefully I will be sitting in the not warm sun over at my sister’s house enjoying their new pool. And what a nice pool this is, they did good on this one, I have to give them that. They got a great deal on their “dream pool” that has all the perks you can think of. My favorite part is the heated spa area which is semi attached to the regular pool. Another great feature is the automatic pool cover which will save them a lot of time, energy and aggravation for many years to come. There is a lot to having a pool, so glad they will deal with all of that while get to kick back and just enjoy it all.

All they need now is some great patio furniture. Now that Christmas is over and done with we are all keeping our eyes and ears open for a good deal on some to pass along to them. I hope they realize just how much the rest of the family is excited about the pool and how much time they will be spending there. It’s a good thing we all get along so well, so it should be a hoot!

A historical spring break trip

Well, I guess that this spring break trip may be one for the history books too, but I wanted to take a trip where I could really dive into some history instead of just a mixed drink. I did the Cancun thing for spring break last year and although I had a really great time, I got a little bored halfway through my trip because I just got tired of laying out on the beach all day. Well, this year for spring break I got a few of my friends together to go with me to New Orleans instead.

Even though we go to college in the state and have been a few times, I’ve never done any of the historical stuff while I was there. I’ve been researching all kinds of sites for us to see, but I’m making sure that we do the Bourbon Street thing at least one night too. Besides, we will be college students on spring break!

I’m really looking forward to this.