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VHS Tapes

I was at a garage sale this morning and they had a huge collection of VHS tapes for .50 each! They had some of my all-time favorites, too! In the end, I decided not too because I don’t even have a VHS player, so how would I watch them? It was tough to pass them up, though. Does anyone still have a VHS player, or even watch VHS tapes, or is that a thing of the past? It kind of reminds me of a tape player; everyone uses CD’s now.

All I ever see in stores is DVDs for movies, so I’m guessing VHS tapes are done. It was too bad, though, because like I said, that garage sale had an amazing collection. I have heard of some machines that convert VHS to DVD, but I don’t have one of those, and it’d probably be more money than it would be to just go buy the DVD. I actually have Direct TV, so I usually just watch movies On Demand at home.


I want to know why I never have the type of battery that I need.  I have a shoe box with plenty of various batteries along with the battery tester that I picked up a few years ago, which was the best $5 I’ve ever spent. Being able to quickly find out if a battery is good or bad, right on the spot is awesome, it keeps things a lot easier and has saved me plenty of money since I got it.

I just found this battery case that holds all the various household batteries that you need along with a tester. I think I’ll order it. A great deal for under $20. As a matter of fact I think that I just may order several and use them for Christmas presents!

everything you need in one place

Battery Case With A Tester

I’m Staying on My Green Soap Box

I’ve decided to take a look around at the various website hosting providers that are now joining in on the green movement. I have always tried to do what I could to help the environment, recycling has always been a big deal to and I tend to get on my recycling soap box more than some people would like me to, but I really feel strong about the cause and I really wish more people would take it a bit more seriously. I mean it really isn’t hard for heaven’s sake and it is well worth the little bit of effort that it takes to recycle.

So when I found out that their were green options out there for web hosting I really want to do my research and see what that is all about. I found a great web hosting rating and directory site at Webhostinggeek dot com and I’d like to urge others to go there as well and see all that they have to offer in reviewing the ones that have gone green. I think that I’m going to switch to GreenGeeks which is number 5 on their list of their Top Ten Eco-friendly Web Hosts and are only $4.95 month. You can’t go wrong with that now can you?

An Outside Wonder Land

Seriously, who hasn’t dreamed of having a wonderful back yard with all the trimmings. Trimmings, like having one of those cool outdoor fireplaces, with a pond with pretty looking and sounding water fall. Of course it has to have an outdoor kitchen (the ones that all the rich and famous people are having installed in their homes) and to complete it all with a super sounding sound system and of course a fully stocked bar with a pint sized refrigerator and freezer conveniently placed there as well.

I know that I have always wanted a place like that and by God one day I’ll have it. A great place to entertain as well as a great place to kick back, relax and chill when ever you want or feel the need. That’s what I’m talking about.

Insurance Savings Are For Real

I’ve had Nationwide Insurance for as long as I can remember having auto insurance. We are always seeing the commercials from the various large insurance companies urging us to switch over and save around $300 a year by doing so. Well I have to say that I went online and got a quote from Progressive and I switched over today and guess what – I’m saving $50 a month which totals $300, just like the commercials are saying. Too funny!

progressive ins

Insurance Needs