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One of the Big questions these days is about the affordable health care act that will affect each and every one of us here in the good old U.S. of A. Going online can be a great resource for this issue. I have found a great affordable health insurance website that folks in North Carolina can turn to for all of their insurance questions regarding this affordable health care act as well as other health insurance concerns.

This website is My best friend lives in the beautiful state of North Carolina and we share a lot of information via emails and Facebook. The 21st century has truly made communicating a much more interesting, easy and fun way to learn things and to keep in contact with people from all over. So if I can help her by sending this info about this particular health agency nc then so be it.

My oldest sister has always looked after me, she has been more like a mother to me than my own mother. I remember telling (or yelling at) my real mother that back when I was 15 and it upset my mother so bad that she sent me up to my room and put me on restriction for two weeks. But a fact is a fact and nothing can change the truth. I still look towards my sister for just about everything, we text each other almost every day, use the Yahoo Instant Messenger, Facebook posts and chats as well as our cell phones help us keep in constant contact and communication with each other.

My sister has taught me the value of looking before you leap concept in so many areas in life. I remember her telling me in my teen years that if it sounds too good to be true that it usually is too good to be true, a saying that proves to be so true time after time after time. She is also the responsible for getting me into personal computers back in the 80’s when they were first being sold to the general public. Our first computers were Macintosh, I have always had a soft spot for Mac’s since then but had to move over to the IBM one and their clones because the majority of places that I worked at didn’t use Mac’s so it became such a challenge that I finally had to give up my Mac while she still buys from Apple exclusively.

Last Christmas we made a good team finding good gift ideas for everyone on our shopping lists and then hunting around finding the best deal possible, online of course and getting the best bang for our bucks. I had heard of a site that has great products for sale at and before I turned my sister onto it I took a few minutes to find and read nomorerack reviews as well as Googled “nomorerack scam” to make sure that this was a reliable company to deal with. It really would have sucked to be swindled during the holiday season, something that I can’t even imagine happening but certainly hear stories each year confirming that it does indeed happen, all to frequently, sigh…..

Anyway – turned out to be a great site that helped us find a good amount of our gifts at affordable prices and Christmas went off without a hitch. My sister and I bought computer web cams for each other so that now we can actually see each other when we want to. Since she moved to San Diego I don’t get to see her as often as I would like. Sisters were not meant to be separated by such long distances but at least today’s technology gives us a lot of options to keep in touch.

We all miss my kid brother Billy, who just five months ago moved up north, way up north to the beautiful state of Maine. He fell in love with Maine many, many moons ago when the whole family spent a wonderful week up there on one of our family vacations and he swore then that one day that not only would he go back there but he would live there as well. Who would have though that he actually would do just that, certainly not me, all though I can see why he would want to go, it really is a beautiful place, inside and out, just a bit too cold for my blood.

The bad news is that the job that moved up there for has turned out not to be what he wanted or expected, but at least he does have a job, for now. Jobs are hard to find everywhere and Maine is no different in today’s screwed up economy that our government has gotten us all into.

His health insurance has finally kicked in and he is in the process of doing a search for general practitioners in Maine that accepts his insurance, is taking new patients and doesn’t have a huge long waiting list. Billy has always been lucky and blessed with good health, but he isn’t getting any younger and he needs to stay on top of his health, as everyone should. After all our family does have several health issues that are believed to be genetic so we all try to keep well informed and educated on the various diseases that have taken their toll on numerous family members throughout the years. It must really suck to be adopted and have no idea what your family has in way of health issues. I think of that often and I can certainly understand why they would want to find their birth mother and father in an effort to find things out such as health histories.

Anyway, Billy does have the Internet now so he has the ability to just Google “General practitioner in Bangor Maine” as well as the local American Blood Clot Association and hopefully find the perfect doctor and then promptly get himself established with someone that will keep in strong and healthy for a very long time. He is a good guy that will go far in this world with a lucky bit of luck and of course good health. Without good health you got nothing……………

Once in a while I will read some type of savings tips 2015 that actually has some ideas and information that I can actually use for my own purpose(s). With the economy still in such crisis, most of us are still trying to make ends meet. So many people are still working more than one job, have sold off any thing that isn’t essential to their existence and our still finding it hard to keep food on the table, a roof over their heads and clothes on their backs. I know of one couple that never gets to see each other because of working so many hours in various locations here and there and barely having any time to see their kids and have a chance to enjoy anything in life that they are working so hard to keep. This just makes me sad.

So much time and gas is being wasted sitting and crawling in rush hour traffic. Once in a while the price of gas will go down a bit but it never lasts long, and never gets low enough to make a difference. It is just a tease to the people that depend so highly on gas to get them to all of the places that they need to get to day in and day out. Right now the price is seeming to go down a bit and of course it all depends on what city/county on how much you end up paying. I know that I try and compare prices when I am on the road and take advantage of the lowest prices when I can. I don’t have a “smart phone” if I did I would could and would use the apps that are currently being offered that tell you the gas prices of the stations that you are close to. I don’t think that I will ever have enough extra money to purchase one of those types of phones and I would be a bit put off to find out that my phone is smarter than I am!

Anyway, I know that a lot of folks are turning the offers being made by the numerous payday loans and cash loan store that are always an option. There was an interesting read on Face Book about 321 loans complaints that was an eye opener. It seems that these companies are popping up all over town. They must be doing pretty well in order to be able to afford the rent that it takes to have a business in town. One store in particular always cracks me up with their female mannequins that have moving arms that are holding signs promoting their services. The wigs and the outfit that they dress them up with are always designed to catch your eye and bring attention to them. I have to say that this marketing idea is unique and must be a lot cheaper than paying real people to stand out in the weather flashing their signs.

Hopefully things will turn around before too many more families are torn apart and lives destroyed. Who would have thought that it would have lasted this long, certainly not I. If all else fails you can always turn to folks like Jeremy Marcus in Florida that have dedicated their lives to helping people in need or you can go online and find that Aegis Legal Center can be reached here, there and just about anywhere these days.

You would have to be blind not to see and appreciate this Gibson 2015 Les Paul Deluxe Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry Sunburst that I have been eyeballing for some time now. This DeeeLuxxxe Guitar not only looks fabulous but sounds awesome as well. I should know I have actually had the opportunity to play one at the music store at the mall. I have been a real good girl this year, I wonder if Santa will bring me one and put it under the Christmas tree for me to find on Christmas morning.

electric guitar in sunburst colors

Gibson 2015 Les Paul Deluxe Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry Sunburst