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My sister’s birthday is coming up and I have purchased her a nice kitchen apron with the saying “Caution, I turn from a great hostess to a complete bitch in 2.3 seconds!” man if that doesn’t suite her I don’t know what does. She is a great cook and tends to hold most of the family holiday dinners at her place, but man oh man, stay out of the kitchen and keep your opinion to yourself while she is cooking. I’ve learned the hard way, more than once through out the years!

It still amazes me to find how many people are clueless as to what a blog is. I seem to find blogs every where I turn and of course I have my blog that I’ve enjoyed dabbling with and on for a few years now that I’ve encouraged plenty of people to read when they can. With so many businesses turning to the online customer blog to help market their products and services I find it hard to believe that so many people that spend a good amount of time online aren’t reading all the good blogs that are being provided to us.

My step father has been experiencing some pretty bad back issues these past few years and is always going to different doctors trying to find a way to keep his quality of life from getting any worse than it is now. The last doctor is hooking him up with one of the TENS Units that we have been hearing so much about. These Muscle Stimulators have helped so many people with their pain issues and are becoming more popular each year. So we all have been reading up online on the one that he is going to be using, the LT-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator and we are anxious to see if it will do the trick for our step father who deserves so much more than he is getting from the doctors around here.

If you are interested in learning more about the TENS Units you can Visit LGMedSupply Online, and make sure you read their blog!

The huge selections of senior class rings that are available for today’s high school students can be a bit intimidating, to say the least. My son will be a high school senior next year. We have been anxiously waiting for the class of 2015/2016 to be called to the podium, in their newly renovated gym, by their school Principal, where they will accept their diploma, shake the hands of numerous other dignitaries and exit the stage as an official high school graduate.

I know how much I loved getting my high school senior ring. I wore it for many a years before I retired it. Once in a while I will run across it and so many memories come flooding over me, most of them good ones!

high school senior class ring

Superstar Class Ring – 18kt Yellow Gold

Something that I haven’t seen in so long are the paper dolls that were so popular back in the day before computers. I remember about 15 years ago I was going over to babysit my niece so I stopped off at Toys R Us and  I bought my niece, who was about 7 or 8 at the time, some paper dolls thinking it would be a fun thing for the two of us to do that afternoon. She wasn’t impressed, nor was I. What a pain in the rear they turned out to be. It was a real struggle to get the things punched out, most of them ended up torn and bent up and the darn clothes wouldn’t stay on the paper dolls worth a darn, so we ended up trashing those after 20 minutes of frustration.

Now a days they have so many cool virtual girl games to offer young girls that make the old fashioned paper dolls really look out dated and boring. The computer makes the whole process less tedious and totally more exciting and I can see why the market has dropped out of the paper doll industry. It took a while for them to figure out that the need for more virtual girl games were a big issue and we are finally seeing a good amount of virtual girl games coming out and the girls are just eating them up as fast as they can produce them.

It’s interesting to read what is going on in the web hosting industry. We all have the opportunity to choose what web hosting provider we think will do the best job for us for the money that we pay out to them for their important services that they provide for us. So just like anything else that we purchase, some type of research only makes sense and there are some good tools available for us to use to do just that. So I’ve spent some time at webhostingfan dot com checking out what they have to say about the various web hostings that are out there for us to use. I had no idea that there were providers out there that are going “GREEN” and was happy to read what all these particular providers are doing in order to become a brighter shade of green with all of the concerns going on these days with our environment issues.

The leading providers in the industry that are offering eco-friendly services are GreenGeeks, FatCow, iPage, Hostgator, Hostpap and SiteCloud, something that you should consider next time you decide to sign on the dotted line for your web hosting needs and wants. I really wish that these companies got more attention paid to their efforts in the industry. It would be a really good thing to see a story on the news informing the public about this important issue. We are always hearing ways to get greener in our every day lives, but I have never once heard them say that we can help out by choosing one of these companies to handle our web hosting needs.

For more information about this subject I would urge you to check out webhostingfan dot com and read for yourself and then hopefully pass the word along to others and help get the word out for more people to learn about these efforts and options. Not only do they have all the latest news in the web hosting industry but they have ratings and reviews a plenty and their blog, I found, is most interesting and was helpful as well, not just a bunch of advertising mumbo jumbo that so many sites are offering these days on their blogs.