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Print Choices

Even though a lot of people are using their own computers and printers for a lot of things that used take a specialist to do, I still like being able to have the choice of having someone else print labels and other such items. My printer and I have a love/hate relationship. Lately it has been more on the hate side. It goes through ink cartridges like no other printer that I have ever had to use and those things aren’t cheap.

If I do my research I can usually find a great deal online that will do the majority of my printing needs. Right now buying a new printer isn’t really an option. If I have any money left from my tax return it might be a good thing to check into. I am still waiting to hear from my buddy who does my taxes for me each year. I really hope I get a refund and don’t have to send Uncle Sam anything this year.

Celebrate The Sweet Sixteen

For the past year I had been preparing for my daughters Sweet Sixteen birthday party that she has been talking about since she learned about how big a Sweet Sixteen party usually is celebrated by many people. She had come up with so many themes and never ending ideas for how it play out. I warned her I wouldn’t go all out like they do on her favorite show on MTV, Sweet Sixteen.

She knew not to expect anything over the top but needless to say I put a ton of effort into making it as close as I possibly could to her dream sweet sixteen. For almost a year before her sixteenth birthday I have been spending many nights that she is away at a friends house on the computer finding the best bargains I could find, and I came across some really cool sites. I picked up a sweet zentera amp that I know she’ll be just crazy about.

One site in particular promised that the whole night would be a glowing celebration. I found these awesome classic black lights online, for what I think was an unbelievable price and ordered 2 dozen black lights to place around the party area for her birthday. It was the most talked about thing all night long at her sweet sixteen celebration. Even though her birthday wasn’t as extravagant as they are on TV, but it was a unforgettable night for her and her guests, I couldn’t be any happier for how her birthday turned out.

Now it’s time to sit back and face the fact that my sixteen year old little girl is a full blown teenager. The real scary part is now she is of legal age to start the process of getting her driver’s license!

sixteen, the next chapter

16 Years To Celebrate

Glass Mosaic Tiles Are Making A Come Back

We really are so fortunate to be able to access the Internet where I work, as long as we don’t get carried away with it, it’s all good. So many places monitor their employee’s Internet use and have such strict rules set in place, so glad that isn’t the case at all with us. We do have some really great people there and I really don’t think any of us abuse this privilege at all.

Lately there has been a rash of interest in mosaic tiles. One of the gals there is having her kitchen redone and has discovered how beautiful and affordable these glass mosaic tiles can be and we are all looking around online seeing what it out there and drooling over what we are finding! I do believe that several of us are now interested in having these gorgeous glass tiles ordered and installed in our homes, funny how that goes isn’t it?

Spring Coupons Are Arriving

It seems like every time I turn around I am looking for inkjet cartridges to keep my printer printing, seeing as how dependent we have become on our computers at work and home these days. I’m having a hard time keeping my costs down lately, with price tags continuing to rise and my paycheck not getting a bit larger in the process I am really struggling with what used to be every day items that I would run and out buy when needed. Don’t get me wrong I have always looked for cheap ink, but now I’m digging even deeper and finding deals on the Internet for many items that I used to buy inside the many stores that we now have at our disposal in our ever growing town.

Instead of rummaging through all of the numerous sales ads that come in the local newspapers, I’ve been spending more time online looking for  deals that I don’t have to go out and find on my own. And look what I found today online while trying to find a deal on printer ink, this is right up my alley and right on time. I’ll take 10%off and free shipping any day, thank you very much!

Sister’s Birthday

My sister’s birthday is coming up and I have purchased her a nice kitchen apron with the saying “Caution, I turn from a great hostess to a complete bitch in 2.3 seconds!” man if that doesn’t suite her I don’t know what does. She is a great cook and tends to hold most of the family holiday dinners at her place, but man oh man, stay out of the kitchen and keep your opinion to yourself while she is cooking. I’ve learned the hard way, more than once through out the years!