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Insurance Savings Are For Real

I’ve had Nationwide Insurance for as long as I can remember having auto insurance. We are always seeing the commercials from the various large insurance companies urging us to switch over and save around $300 a year by doing so. Well I have to say that I went online and got a quote from Progressive and I switched over today and guess what – I’m saving $50 a month which totals $300, just like the commercials are saying. Too funny!

progressive ins

Insurance Needs

Yoplait – A Good Thing

I have never been much of a breakfast person. It can take a couple of hours before I really want to put anything of substance into my mouth. A nice cup of hot tea with sugar and milk will keep me for an hour or two. If I really need to put something into my stomach I have gotten into the habit of eating yogurt and Yoplait is the best that I have found anywhere, particularly the Strawberry and Banana flavor.

Yoplait has a lot of flavors and it depends on what store I go to as to what flavors they have, but they generally have the Strawberry and Banana ones, that is if they are not sold out. Hard to believe that I have found something that I link that is good for me! Will wonders ever cease?

my favorite flavor

Strawberry and Banana Yogurt

The Legendary Thrash Band Exodus

Musician’s Friend is having a Memorial Day Doorbuster Sale and I have found an esp-ecially awesome Black ESP Gary Holt Signature Model Electric Guitar that I can’t seem to shake out of my head. This is a new guitar that is named after legendary thrash band Exodus. I love the color and I can just imagine how it would look and feel strapped on to me.


ESP LTD GH600EC Gary Holt Signature Model Electric Guitar Black

Mom’s Help

My mom asked me to compare satellite internet plans for her which I did and then she took it upon herself to call my brother and tell him I wasn’t doing enough to help her out! I know it sounds like I’m just complaining but my brother Paul’s always been the favorite and I’m getting really sick of mom trying to start fights between us. I’ve got a big family and they’ve always felt like I’m not living up to my potential (I’m not psychoanalyzing, they’ve actually told me that) which means they feel like they’re allowed to stir up things between me and my siblings.

I really love having so many relatives but sometimes they’re all up in my personal business and I’m a pretty private person so that just drives me away! I know it’s all just part of our dynamic but it’s probably going to be when pigs fly that I get used to people prying in my life so they can pick it apart, you know what I mean?

The Kool-Aid Man

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m finding myself getting tired of drinking tea all the time. Hot tea after meals and iced tea the rest of the time. Time to find something new and different. I know Kool-Aid isn’t new, but it certainly is different.  Remember the old song – Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid, Tastes Great, Wish We Had Some, Can’t Wait! And have you paid attention to how the Kool-Aid Man has changed throughout the years?

through the years

The Kool-Aid Man