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More On Vitamin D

I’ve heard that we all need 5000 IU of Vitamin D but I’ve noticed that it isn’t easy finding this dosage of Vitamin D in the stores (what I’m finding is more like 200 IU and 400 IU)  so I have been doing a bit of looking around online about vitamin D.

I found that Sundown Naturals sells bottles of 2000 IU of their vitamin D so I’ve placed an order via their website and I believe that I will give my sister the bottle and urge her to start taking them twice a day. I’m sure she will be getting the rest of the vitamin in her milk, yogurt, ice cream and other foods that have vitamin D in them. She also takes calcium each day (or so she tells me she does) and that has vitamin D in it as well.

I’m told that if she takes 5000 IU of vitamin D she should be feeling the difference within 30 days. So I’d like to see her taking them right away to see if they can help her feel better in so many ways that enough vitamin D can do for any of us.

Aching Back

For the past couple of months I have woken up with one heck of a back ache. I do believe that it is the mattress that I’m sleeping on. This has got to stop, having a back ache all day really sucks. Looks like I’ve got to look into buying a new mattress. Not something that I’m looking forward to doing, all the time and money that it is going to take to find the perfect one since I’m not planning on buying one online.

Buying a mattress is something that you need to do in person when trying to find one that will be comfortable as well as good for my aching back issues.

A Yoga Strap

The yoga strap that I ordered for my yoga loving sister-in-law just came in the mail today. I’m so thrilled that I found such a great deal on this particular yoga prop that I know that she has been wanting for some time now, but was holding off on so that someone could buy it for her as a Christmas gift, which worked out well for the both of us. I hope that it is the right kind, as I know nothing about yoga or any of the equipment that they use for it and there were several types being offered at the site that I ordered from.

yoga strap

yoga strap

It’s too bad that she won’t be joining us on Christmas day this up and coming holiday season, but we have all ready decided and planned to get together the week between Christmas Day and New Years. We will have a nice dinner, catch up on all the latest gossip and exchange gifts at that point. A nice quite evening to look forward to, we have always gotten along well together and just because my dumb kid brother acted the fool and they have parted ways doesn’t mean I can’t continue our friendship for as long as we want.

Car Repair

It looks like I’ll need to take my car in for some repairs here real soon. My inspection sticker expires at the end of December and I’m sure it will not pass until I sink a few hundred dollars into some repairs. I wish that my inspection sticker was for any other month of the year other than December. I mean of all months December is the worse to have to dish out any money, being right after Christmas and my personal property taxes demanding to be paid at the end of each year as well.

The car needs new brakes, new shocks and the front tires most likely will not pass inspection so it looks like I’ll be needing to brake out my Firestone credit card in order to pay for all of these issues before taking it in for the mandatory yearly inspection. What a drag, I’ve been so good at not using any of my credit cards all year, but nothing good lasts forever, as the old saying goes.

One Girl’s Dream Bathtub

One thing that I have always dreamed about having is a really cool claw foot tub, you know the kind that you always see the movie stars soaking in filled with bubbles, surrounded by numerous candles burning, making it an ultimate bath tub experience. I have never had the pleasure of soaking in one myself, but a girl can dream can’t she?

clawfoot tub

All that is needed now are the bubbles!