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My Crock Pot Put to Use

I don’t know what I would do with out my slow cooking Crock Pot, now that I have figured out so many ways to use it, I find myself pulling it out from under the counter more and more as time goes by. Today was a perfect day to put it to use, they way it spills the aroma all through out the house is just wonderful and keeps everyone from wondering too far from the house come dinner time, that puts a smile on my face.

Love My Crock Pot

Crock Pot


My favorite team is the Minnesota Twins, not because they are a good team that cannot beat the Yankees under any circumstances. Not because they have an exciting young catcher whose greatness is only surpassed by his inability to hit against the Yankees. No, I am a fan of the Twins because of their ineluctable ability to hit into double plays, of which they led the league in this year. Part of the credit goes to their innate powers to get on base, but not to hit extra base hits. After all, you can’t hit into double plays without getting on first. Once somebody is on base, the next part requires being extremely slow.

The Twins are full of players who have absolutely no speed, but yet still love to hit ground balls. If you have a guy on first who is as fast as a turtle with a limp, and you have a batter who is of equal portliness and like to swing at pitches that sink, then you have the perfect recipe for a double play. It is the most ballet like play in all of baseball, and I am a huge fan of the arts and dance, with their wonderful music, especially the trumpets. This is why watching the Minnesota Twins play is a must for me, and why I catch them every night on my satellite tv package.

Gîte – A French Holiday Home That is Available For Rent

I got an email from Larry, an old class mate of mine from back in our middle school days, telling me that that he and his new wife are taking a nice long two week vacation in March, which is a great time to get away from all of the cold weather and the wet snow that we usually get that time of year. They are first going to England, then Spain and then on to France. Sounds good to me, I’m so very envious of them. I wish that I could spend some time over seas. I’ve always wanted to fly over to England and then travel all over Europe seeing and experiencing all the wonderful things and places that we’ve always heard so much about. Maybe one day I’ll have enough cash to do just that. I’d like to locate and rent one of top notch ski apartments that are so popular for people that enjoy snow skiing, snow boarding, snowmobiling and all other outside winter activities. There are a lot of snowboard tips and snowboard tricks that are being offered for snowboard for beginners like myself, these days.

In Larry’s email he states that they are taking their time in looking for one of the nicer gites in France, which led me to the dictionary. I had no idea what the definition of gîte was so I wanted to see what the dictionary had to say about it. Apparently a gîte is a French holiday home that is available for rent and comes fully furnished and equipped for self-catering. The Internet will certainly be a useful tool in finding the perfect accommodations for them. No longer do you have to find yourself traveling blindly and hoping for the best when you get there. We have all heard horror stories of such tragedies.

I emailed Larry back and encouraged him to send me a post card and to have a wonderful time and to take plenty of pictures that he can post on Face book for all of us to see and enjoy along with them upon their return.

Cigar Sampler Is The Way Too Go For Me

For Father’s Day this year; my little sister has written a poem for our Dad, it’s a keeper. It is such a good piece of work that she has decided to put it on the Internet and present it to our Dad on his lap top come Sunday. Father’s Day is always on a Sunday. In order to do that she needs to choose a web hosting provider and get a web site up and running, one that she intends on keeping on with writing her poetry on. She has got a talent for writing and I think that this is a wonderful idea, one that I totally support.

She has begun doing her homework on which web hosting provider to go with. She found and used a website which is a top notch web hosting rating site that provides a good amount of some very useful information for someone like her that is new to the task of having a website. They are an independent customer rating service of their ten top web hosting companies. She is just starting out and isn’t interested in a lot of bells and whistles, plus she doesn’t want a bunch of strings attached either. A freebie would be the best bet for her at her age with a very limited budget, but I’m sure she will have to deal with a good amount of pop ups and other annoyances, but such is life!

Medium Body Sampler D

Famous Medium Body Sampler D

I on the other hand give my dad the same thing each and every year, a box of cigars. I mix it up each time and have never bought him the same kind twice. He always enjoys the anticipation that comes along with seeing what kind of cigars discount I have come up with. This year it is a sampler, which I think is always welcomed and appreciated. Variety is the spice of life!

Automatic Pool Cover

Only a few more months and hopefully I will be sitting in the not warm sun over at my sister’s house enjoying their new pool. And what a nice pool this is, they did good on this one, I have to give them that. They got a great deal on their “dream pool” that has all the perks you can think of. My favorite part is the heated spa area which is semi attached to the regular pool. Another great feature is the automatic pool cover which will save them a lot of time, energy and aggravation for many years to come. There is a lot to having a pool, so glad they will deal with all of that while get to kick back and just enjoy it all.

All they need now is some great patio furniture. Now that Christmas is over and done with we are all keeping our eyes and ears open for a good deal on some to pass along to them. I hope they realize just how much the rest of the family is excited about the pool and how much time they will be spending there. It’s a good thing we all get along so well, so it should be a hoot!