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There is really only one thing that my wife wants for her birthday this year and that is a nice pearl necklace. Since I don’t know diddly squat about pearls I decided to look around online to see what is out there and where. I found that Reeds for honora pearls has some really nice pieces that I think she will like and that won’t put me in the poor house.

Check out this nice looking Honora Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Necklace 1/10ctw that I think will do just fine,

honora pearls

Honora Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Necklace 1/10ctw

It seems that all of the CD players here at the house don’t work. None of them were really expensive, but they were all bought brand new and none of them seem to last more than a couple of years. So I have decided to spend some of my tax refund money on a numark ndx400 tabletop scratch CD player. I have looked at a couple of them online and have found the right one that I think I can utilize and enjoy.

Now I just need to get my act together and get my taxes done. Right now the numark ndx400 that I want is on sale. It would be great to get it while the prices have been slashed. I am tired of dealing with so much of the electronics that we have bought and can’t seem to work. I think a good cleaning out of this type of stuff is in order. Maybe I will incorporate that into my spring cleaning efforts.

There has been a huge push these past for years to make women aware of the importance of having the Best Bra for your individual wants and needs. And there are a lot of bras out there to chose from. I have found that some of the department stores have some of their female employees trained in how to fit other females in today’s very competitive world of under garments, specifically bra.

I myself didn’t really start getting any better at finding the best bra for me until way many years after I started wearing one. I think I just didn’t want to take the time it can take to find the perfect bra, so I just kept looking for that particular style that I was familiar with which wasn’t always the best choice at that time.

These days I am very particular about what I buy and what I wear. Now I always look for the Seamless shape wear that I have come to love and enjoy wearing. For some reason any type of seams that end up rubbing on my body just drive me right up the wall, very annoying.

Utilizing the Internet to compare prices on products and services really is the smartest way to shop these days. Honestly, I can’t even imagine having to run all over town, from one store to another looking around and asking all the different sales associates all the usual questions. Worst yet, having to wait for the Sunday paper to come so that all the sales fliers will be at your fingertips. Unfortunately these sales don’t usually last longer than a week which can lead to pressure by giving you a time limit.

I have known for a few months now that I will be needing to purchase a new washer and dryer. The ones that are here now were here when we moved into the place and that was well over 12 years ago, so it isn’t a big surprise. Knowing that I will be getting some type of tax refund in the next month or so, I have been researching washer and dryer combos online and have familiarized myself with the numerous washer and dryer combos that are on today’s market so when a sale comes my way I will be able to make a good educated decision when and if the time comes.

In the meantime I really need to get all of my paperwork gathered and organized and trot on down to the tax preparer that sets up at the mall each and every year. It’s just that paperwork and I just don’t get along. As hard as I try to be organized, paper(s) end up all over the house, here and there and every where. Even though I always make up a folder for the inevitable papers that are required each and and every year, they just don’t seem to make it to the folder as quickly as I would like them to.

Every February ends up being a mad scramble trying to get everything in order, so I don’t have to wait until the last minute when the tax preparers are crazy busy. Plus after the holidays are all over and done with I am usually flat broke come February, so that is a good time to try and recover and get a couple of things that I need and/or want along the way. This year I am definitely getting a new washer and dryer first thing before the money disappears right through my fingers and my poor little bank account.




You know how there are some people that are just plain out and out lucky. Lucky with cards, lucky with the ladies, lucky in love. Good luck isn’t something that radiates from me. I don’t even bother buying lottery tickets no matter how big the pot gets. To me it’s just like throwing my money right down into the toilet. Times are hard enough as it is.

My older brother on the other hand seems to have all the luck with just about anything that he gets his hands into. He was quite the bachelor around town for a good many a years. Now he is happily married to a gal that he went to high school with, along with two kids, two cars, a great career and a decent mortgage payment that allows him to live the lifestyle that he still does at this point. I don’t know all that many people that are still managing to hang on to their homes or their jobs, so he is really a lucky man.