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Big Wheels Keep On Turning

I was hoping that my tax refund check was going to be a bit larger than it ended up being. I did my taxes online this year, but when the actually check was deposited into my account it wasn’t the amount that my computer said it would be. That really sucks.

I was hoping to be able to buy a new car this year. I’ve been spending a good amount of time on the computer looking at a variety of vehicles that have caught my eye. My father would like to see me in a Mercedes Benz CLS, wouldn’t that be something?

My mother would like to see me behind the wheel of her favorite car which happens to be an Aston Martin. Like that would really happen! I really like the looks of the new Infiniti g37 myself. But reality keeps me in check and I do believe that when I’m ready I’ll be looking for a KIA Sorento, it’s a good deal all the way around and suits me just fine.

But for now my Honda Accord will hopefully keep me on the road until I can come up with some money in order to get myself a brand new vehicle.

A historical spring break trip

Well, I guess that this spring break trip may be one for the history books too, but I wanted to take a trip where I could really dive into some history instead of just a mixed drink. I did the Cancun thing for spring break last year and although I had a really great time, I got a little bored halfway through my trip because I just got tired of laying out on the beach all day. Well, this year for spring break I got a few of my friends together to go with me to New Orleans instead.

Even though we go to college in the state and have been a few times, I’ve never done any of the historical stuff while I was there. I’ve been researching all kinds of sites for us to see, but I’m making sure that we do the Bourbon Street thing at least one night too. Besides, we will be college students on spring break!

I’m really looking forward to this.

Car Repair

It looks like I’ll need to take my car in for some repairs here real soon. My inspection sticker expires at the end of December and I’m sure it will not pass until I sink a few hundred dollars into some repairs. I wish that my inspection sticker was for any other month of the year other than December. I mean of all months December is the worse to have to dish out any money, being right after Christmas and my personal property taxes demanding to be paid at the end of each year as well.

The car needs new brakes, new shocks and the front tires most likely will not pass inspection so it looks like I’ll be needing to brake out my Firestone credit card in order to pay for all of these issues before taking it in for the mandatory yearly inspection. What a drag, I’ve been so good at not using any of my credit cards all year, but nothing good lasts forever, as the old saying goes.

It’s All About The $$$

I think that I have finally convinced my kid sister and her husband to move out of their apartment into one that is a little bit cheaper because all of the utilities are included, and that is a big savings. Right now they are paying about $200 a month for their electricity which is crazy since it is just a small 2 bedroom basement apartment that doesn’t even have a dishwasher or washer and dryer that are known for driving your electric bill right through the roof. They are extremely careful with what electricity that they use and right now they aren’t even running the heater and that place is just damp and chilly down there. I

So I’m hearing that they have submitted their application for this more affordable, but slightly smaller (just a tad bit) apartment that will enable them to hopefully keep them from dishing out all of their money each month to the Landlord, Cox Cable and Allegheny Power. Having a few bucks to spend on food and gas is always a plus.

International Translation Agency Headquartered in London

Most of my relatives (mainly cousins) have some how remained living pretty close to the old homestead, which makes for some very large family celebrations that are held here throughout the year. Christmas and Easter are just plain out and out wicked crazy with the amount of relatives that make a huge effort to manage to get together each year and every year. When you include all of the close and dear family friends and neighbors it can quickly fill up one of the larger homes in the family and always manages to spill out into the outdoors and other out buildings. Good weather is always a plus must with the amount of people that turn out come hell or high water!

This last Easter dinner my cousin Diana didn’t make it. Her new husband was given orders to go over to Germany to continue serving his time for our country in the Army. She was always the one that took charge of the Easter Egg Hunt for all of the dozens of kids that look forward to all year long, but it worked out as well as can be expected without her unique and special touches.

It’s a good thing for the translation agencies that are available to them, but she is refusing to make an effort to try and learn any German what-so-ever while hubby has no choice in the matter if he wants to survive.

This really surprises me because she is such a creative woman with such a great sense of humor. Not to want to reach out and utilize a translation company to aid you in the learning process that is necessary for you  to know the language of the country that you are living in is just plain out and out crazy to me. It appears that she is planning on staying on the base as much as possible, spending her time gossiping with other spouses from America who are counting down the days until they get to go back home and return to their family, friends, jobs and hobbies that they had to leave behind for a few years.

What a waste.

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