Cigar Sampler Is The Way Too Go For Me

For Father’s Day this year; my little sister has written a poem for our Dad, it’s a keeper. It is such a good piece of work that she has decided to put it on the Internet and present it to our Dad on his lap top come Sunday. Father’s Day is always on a Sunday. In order to do that she needs to choose a web hosting provider and get a web site up and running, one that she intends on keeping on with writing her poetry on. She has got a talent for writing and I think that this is a wonderful idea, one that I totally support.

She has begun doing her homework on which web hosting provider to go with. She found and used a website which is a top notch web hosting rating site that provides a good amount of some very useful information for someone like her that is new to the task of having a website. They are an independent customer rating service of their ten top web hosting companies. She is just starting out and isn’t interested in a lot of bells and whistles, plus she doesn’t want a bunch of strings attached either. A freebie would be the best bet for her at her age with a very limited budget, but I’m sure she will have to deal with a good amount of pop ups and other annoyances, but such is life!

Medium Body Sampler D

Famous Medium Body Sampler D

I on the other hand give my dad the same thing each and every year, a box of cigars. I mix it up each time and have never bought him the same kind twice. He always enjoys the anticipation that comes along with seeing what kind of cigars discount I have come up with. This year it is a sampler, which I think is always welcomed and appreciated. Variety is the spice of life!