Automatic Pool Cover

Only a few more months and hopefully I will be sitting in the not warm sun over at my sister’s house enjoying their new pool. And what a nice pool this is, they did good on this one, I have to give them that. They got a great deal on their “dream pool” that has all the perks you can think of. My favorite part is the heated spa area which is semi attached to the regular pool. Another great feature is the automatic pool cover which will save them a lot of time, energy and aggravation for many years to come. There is a lot to having a pool, so glad they will deal with all of that while get to kick back and just enjoy it all.

All they need now is some great patio furniture. Now that Christmas is over and done with we are all keeping our eyes and ears open for a good deal on some to pass along to them. I hope they realize just how much the rest of the family is excited about the pool and how much time they will be spending there. It’s a good thing we all get along so well, so it should be a hoot!

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