A historical spring break trip

Well, I guess that this spring break trip may be one for the history books too, but I wanted to take a trip where I could really dive into some history instead of just a mixed drink. I did the Cancun thing for spring break last year and although I had a really great time, I got a little bored halfway through my trip because I just got tired of laying out on the beach all day. Well, this year for spring break I got a few of my friends together to go with me to New Orleans instead.

Even though we go to college in the state and have been a few times, I’ve never done any of the historical stuff while I was there. I’ve been researching all kinds of sites for us to see, but I’m making sure that we do the Bourbon Street thing at least one night too. Besides, we will be college students on spring break!

I’m really looking forward to this.

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