Daily Archives: December 23, 2015

Car Repair

It looks like I’ll need to take my car in for some repairs here real soon. My inspection sticker expires at the end of December and I’m sure it will not pass until I sink a few hundred dollars into some repairs. I wish that my inspection sticker was for any other month of the year other than December. I mean of all months December is the worse to have to dish out any money, being right after Christmas and my personal property taxes demanding to be paid at the end of each year as well.

The car needs new brakes, new shocks and the front tires most likely will not pass inspection so it looks like I’ll be needing to brake out my Firestone credit card in order to pay for all of these issues before taking it in for the mandatory yearly inspection. What a drag, I’ve been so good at not using any of my credit cards all year, but nothing good lasts forever, as the old saying goes.