Monthly Archives: November 2015

Bad Feeling

Yesterday afternoon I started feeling what I call “out of sorts” an unbelievable sadness came over me that I just couldn’t shake. This morning I got a phone call informing me of a very dear close friend’s passing yesterday. He was found in bed, so I’m thankful that he is now resting in total peace. But today still sucks.

Using My PayPal

Just the thought of setting foot out my door on Black Friday is a scary thought. I do everything that I can to stay home on the famous shopping day, the Friday after Thanksgiving. I mean really, with the Internet who the heck needs to go out anyway. I have managed to get a good amount of my Christmas shopping done all ready, 99% of it has been done online.

This Friday I will order the best electric guitar for the money that I found on sale online. I use my PayPal card with most of my online purchases and I always look for free shipping options. And the fact that my orders arrive at my door is just the cherry on top of doing all the holiday shopping chores online.

A Girl Can Dream, Right . . .

Wow, I just spent the last 2 1/2 hours looking at a website that I ran across that has some of the coolest cheap lingerieĀ for sale that I have seen in a while. Not that I look at lingerie that much, but this one outfit caught my attention and there I went. Now I have a wish list that consists of all most $200 worth of goodies that I really want. A girl can dream can’t she?

Multiple Sclerosis Issues

A close co worker of mine just received some devastating news about her brother. He has been experiencing some of the Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms that most of us are aware of but apparently he wasn’t aware of and has just been dealing with it for over a year now. He was finally convinced to see his doctor and he does have Multiple Sclerosis.

Since knowledge is power and the Internet is over flowing with information about most health issues she is researching all that she can find for the most recent Multiple Sclerosis News in order to learn what she can in order to help out her brother with his recent diagnosis. Some of us at work are looking around as well and trying to do what we can in her and her family’s time of need.

As with most health issues, exercise and diet play a key role in managing the illness so that is a good starting point. And she is all over him with that information.