It’s All About The $$$

I think that I have finally convinced my kid sister and her husband to move out of their apartment into one that is a little bit cheaper because all of the utilities are included, and that is a big savings. Right now they are paying about $200 a month for their electricity which is crazy since it is just a small 2 bedroom basement apartment that doesn’t even have a dishwasher or washer and dryer that are known for driving your electric bill right through the roof. They are extremely careful with what electricity that they use and right now they aren’t even running the heater and that place is just damp and chilly down there. I

So I’m hearing that they have submitted their application for this more affordable, but slightly smaller (just a tad bit) apartment that will enable them to hopefully keep them from dishing out all of their money each month to the Landlord, Cox Cable and Allegheny Power. Having a few bucks to spend on food and gas is always a plus.

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