Lord Knows I Don’t Like Numbers

A few years back I called all the credit card companies that I held cards for in my wallet and tried to get them to work with me and some how come up with a way for me to get a better deal that what I was currently stuck in. With money becoming more and more of an issue, we all have been told things that we can do in order to make things easier for us until our government gets us out of this economic nightmare that is literally ruining billions of people’s lives.

These “tips” that are being thrown at us are basically the same “tips” over and over and over, with the first tip almost always being to contact and communicate with your creditors, which sounds easy enough, but it didn’t do a darned thing for me, nor any one else that I know that has made the effort to spend a good amount of time on the phone and the computer in order to get our creditors to budge.

I was hoping to put a dent in my credit card debt with some of the money that I got back from Uncle Sam. I did make a dent, just not as big as I was hoping for, other things kept popping up that I thought (at the time) I needed and deserved more than just sending it off to these ungrateful credit card companies that are eating me up alive. But………….I have decided to take some time on the computer and check out some of the balance transfer credit cards that are out there. I did find a good site all ready balancetransfers dot com, that has a balance transfer calculator that I filled in, in less than one minute, where I found that I could possibly be saving over $400 a year just on the one VISA credit card that I have. That was an eye opener considering that my VISA is the one with the lowest balance as well as the lowest interest rate of all of the charge cards that I have.

So after seeing that I have bookmarked the site and will gather up my previous credit card bills and sit my butt down and see what numbers come up when I put in their information. But I wanted to enjoy my dinner while it is hot and take my hot bubble bath that I’ve been waiting for all day long and then get back to business, I don’t like numbers and dread the thought of doing all of this. But as it usually turns out, it will be quick and more simple than I thought and I’ll have it done in no time and I’ll be ready for action at that point!

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