I’m Staying on My Green Soap Box

I’ve decided to take a look around at the various website hosting providers that are now joining in on the green movement. I have always tried to do what I could to help the environment, recycling has always been a big deal to and I tend to get on my recycling soap box more than some people would like me to, but I really feel strong about the cause and I really wish more people would take it a bit more seriously. I mean it really isn’t hard for heaven’s sake and it is well worth the little bit of effort that it takes to recycle.

So when I found out that their were green options out there for web hosting I really want to do my research and see what that is all about. I found a great web hosting rating and directory site at Webhostinggeek dot com and I’d like to urge others to go there as well and see all that they have to offer in reviewing the ones that have gone green. I think that I’m going to switch to GreenGeeks which is number 5 on their list of their Top Ten Eco-friendly Web Hosts and are only $4.95 month. You can’t go wrong with that now can you?

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