If You Know Me At All

If you know me at all either from here on my ramblings on this blog or in real life up and personal like then you know how I feel about the recycling issue that is such a hot topic these days. I grew up with parents from the Woodstock hippie generation and was brought up with recycling becoming second nature in life. I have a habit of getting on my soap box at times about people being too lazy to participate inĀ even the simplest recycling effort. And I’ve implemented many a recycling programs in places that I’ve worked out all of my life.

Tonight was the first night of the new TV show on CNBC called “The Secret Life of Garbage” and I’m so glad to see that this trash issue is being addressed on national TV. Did you know that 80% of the trash that we throw out could be recycled and that only 28% of our trash ends up in the recycling bins. That is an outrageous percentage folks, we could be doing so much better than that!

the need to recycle is rising

Please Recycle


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