Now I Need a Bigger & Better Microwave

Last night I had the munchies, big time, but was too lazy to fix anything extravagant, so I figured a nice bag of popcorn with lots of butter and salt, and a nice tall glass of ice cold milk would to the trick nicely. I got a cold glass out of the freezer and filled it to the brim with milk and placed it back into the freezer to become extra cold and placed a bag of microwave popcorn in my old reliable microwave and next thing you know I smelled something burning, and it didn’t smell like popcorn.

I was in the other room tending to the needs of a few of my critters when I first smelled it, so I went running into the kitchen with all of the critters at my heels right behind me, in what they must have thought was a racing game. Upon entering the kitchen I found that the microwave was on fire and smoking like crazy and creating the most horrible stench. I got the fire out pretty quickly, it hadn’t amounted to much, but it is now totally100%  ruined and now I need to find a new one.

Of course my popcorn was ruined, but my milk was nice and cold and tasted great with some chocolate doughnuts that I had in the cupboard. Now I am going to need to find a replacement for my burnt up, old worthless little microwave. Oh well, the next one will just have to be bigger and better.

too hot too handle

Microwave on Fire!

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