Vacation Land – The State of Maine

We all miss my kid brother Billy, who just five months ago moved up north, way up north to the beautiful state of Maine. He fell in love with Maine many, many moons ago when the whole family spent a wonderful week up there on one of our family vacations and he swore then that one day that not only would he go back there but he would live there as well. Who would have though that he actually would do just that, certainly not me, all though I can see why he would want to go, it really is a beautiful place, inside and out, just a bit too cold for my blood.

The bad news is that the job that moved up there for has turned out not to be what he wanted or expected, but at least he does have a job, for now. Jobs are hard to find everywhere and Maine is no different in today’s screwed up economy that our government has gotten us all into.

His health insurance has finally kicked in and he is in the process of doing a search for general practitioners in Maine that accepts his insurance, is taking new patients and doesn’t have a huge long waiting list. Billy has always been lucky and blessed with good health, but he isn’t getting any younger and he needs to stay on top of his health, as everyone should. After all our family does have several health issues that are believed to be genetic so we all try to keep well informed and educated on the various diseases that have taken their toll on numerous family members throughout the years. It must really suck to be adopted and have no idea what your family has in way of health issues. I think of that often and I can certainly understand why they would want to find their birth mother and father in an effort to find things out such as health histories.

Anyway, Billy does have the Internet now so he has the ability to just Google “General practitioner in Bangor Maine” as well as the local American Blood Clot Association and hopefully find the perfect doctor and then promptly get himself established with someone that will keep in strong and healthy for a very long time. He is a good guy that will go far in this world with a lucky bit of luck and of course good health. Without good health you got nothing……………

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