Today’s Fireplaces

When we were looking for houses to move into I had a check list of things that I really wanted in the house. I got just about all of those things except that I didn’t get my fireplace. So now I am perusing the Internet looking at all of the fireplaces that are available and I have to tell you that I had no idea of the variety of modern fireplaces that folks have come up with to replace the standard old fashioned brick ones that we have all become accustomed to.

I’ve heard of and can understand the ventless fireplace, but I had not heard or seen the gel fuel fireplaces that I found at If I had a more modern type furnished and decorated home I would love to have something like this one that is pictured on their homepage. Wicked looking isn’t it?

For my home I think I will need to go with a wall mounted fireplace. I am making up my wish list for next year’s tax return and a fireplace is right on top of that list since I don’t think I would be receiving something like this for a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas present.

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