Security Issues For Home Owners

My closest cousin, who lives in Fort Worth, is considering having a home security system installed in her newly purchased home. There has been a rash of home break ins the last year and she is getting a bit nervous. We are all hearing how the declining economy is making people turn to desperate measures and robberies are a desperate measure for a lot of folks. Drug and alcohol abuse is on the rise due to the stress of this economic mess that our government has gotten us all into. We are all just a mess these days.

She has joined their local neighborhood watch and gotten to know some their neighbors a bit better. They have two large dogs that have been making them feel a bit better but the situation has declined so much that they are a bit leary with leaving it all up to the dogs.

The neighborhood watch  have a good relationship with the Fort Worth, PD and they have provided all the members with police security tips to review, and utilize which is a good idea. But she is still worried and in the market for a good quality but affordable home security system. She has reviewed the ADT Home Security System Authorized Dealers site. ADT is a reputable company and has some good packages to choose from. My cousin tells me that they have 130 years experience is the security business. There is something to be said about a company that has been around for that long.

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