I remember how it did take a good while but I eventually caved in and bought a laptop a few years back and how I quickly regretted not doing it sooner then I did. Having a portable PC is just so convenient that just the thought of having to go back to a desk top model makes me nervous in the stomach a tad bit!

I’ve used a few different laptop stands since then, trying to find the best fit for me and my laptop and my lifestyle. The one that I ended up with has fallen apart a few times and I’ve had to put a hammer and nail to it, plus some Super Glue, in order to keep using it until I find another one to replace it. I don’t know why I’m so hard on the darn thing, being cheaply made doesn’t help the issue either, I’m sure.

I went online earlier this week to see if I could find something that looked like it would do the trick and was amazed to see the varieties of laptop carts and laptop cabinets that are currently available. I hadn’t realized that there was such a need for these laptop storage products for a variety of computer needs. has a great selection of products to take a look at, if you have the need or the want. After Christmas is done and over with I’ll be placing my order.

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