The Importance Of A Good Credit Score

I have to say that I’ve been pretty lucky when it comes to my credit card debt. It’s too bad that I can’t brag that I’m debt free, but I can’t right now, but I’m steady working on it each and month. This past year I have been cutting out a lot of unnecessary and frilly costs out of life, nothing major, but a few things here and there and it has been making a difference. On of the strategies that I’ve been using is not eating out as much. This has been a tough one, I don’t like cooking and am always on the run and I enjoy fast food and dining at nice restaurants on occasion as well, but you do what you gotta do and suck it up, right?

I’ve signed up Netflix and have been watching a lot of good videos for a much smaller costs than renting them at Block Busters. I even joined Costco and have been buying in bulk and saving a good amount of money there.

The media and the Internet are full of ideas of on ways to cut back in these crazy and depressing economic times, some of them are hard, some are pretty easy, but they are worth the time to read them when you run across them. Our credit scores are very important to each and every one of us, a lot rides on your credit score and it is a real pain in the fanny when things start going down hill, so I do believe that it is best to try and keep up with what is going on by using offers by places like FreeScore dot com. I know too many people that have found themselves in deep shit because of credit issues, it takes time and effort and a lot of energy to fix a credit score screw up so it is best to be as pro-active as possible and if you have Internet access there is no reason not to do so, right?

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