Comparing North Carolina Insurance

One of my favorite states on the east coast is the beautiful state of North Carolina. A lot of people are heading down to that part of the country when they retire instead of Florida which has become famous for becoming the place that seniors flock to in order to spend their “golden years” in a warmer climate. My parents had no inclination to head to the “Land of Sunshine” and have recently settled in quite nicely in the northern part of North Carolina. Just a tad bit below the border of Virginia. So far they seem to be enjoying themselves and have made a few new friends, while keeping busy fixing up their new home, their yard and mom’s garden.

I have encouraged them to check out to see if they can find a better deal on their home, auto, life and health insurance. Don Allred has been serving North Carolina residents since 1977 and has a great reputation for making these daunting tasks a much easier process to tackle, especially for senior citizens that sometimes require a bit more time, reassurance and understanding. I worry about them living farther away than I was used to and will feel much better when I get a chance to make a trip down there and see for myself how things are progressing.

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