We Are All Looking For Treasures

I have always enjoyed going to yard sales and flea markets. I have spent many a weekend mornings armed with maps, newspapers, hot coffee and a wallet filled with small bills ready to hunt down the treasures in the neighborhood before anyone else could get them. I’ve slowed down on the yard sales, too much work involved, but I still enjoy going to the various flea markets when ever I can.

The flea markets have been slowly changing these past few years. We are finding more dealers/vendors that are finding Wholesale Products online from the numerous online Wholesale Suppliers and making a killing by reselling these Wholesale Products at the flea markets.  Sunglasses, wallets, jewelry, knives, using an online Wholesalers list is never ending with items that people will be inclined to buy at the flea market.

With the economy staying in crisis, with no end in sight for the majority of us, most of us are looking for ways to supplement our paychecks, so the flea market business is expanding each year in order to keep up with the demands of new vendors and hopefully new customers as well.

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