Swimming Pools

Everyone┬áis in a mad rush to get ready for the big storm that is heading our way. The stores are having a hard time keeping the usual items stocked that people always rush in to purchase when something like this happens. I’m all set and ready to hunker down for the week end, but it looks like some of my neighbors are still at it. They are busy taking their lawn chairs, umbrellas and other pool related items and placing them in their pools, which I think is a pretty cool idea actually. After they load their pools up then they put their above ground pool covers on and everything should be safe and sound in there.

The first time I had heard of people doing that I thought it was pretty strange, but after it was explained to me I had to admit that it was a pretty good idea, something that I don’t think I would have thought of, but then again I don’t own a pool. Actually I am the only one on the block that doesn’t have pool, why should I when I have been invited to enjoy many of theirs if I want to, so I will spend my hard earned money on other things that I need and want instead.

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