Get Yourself A Home Energy Audit

Now is a good time to have someone come out and see just how energy efficient your home is. The hot weather is hitting us harder with each waking day and it will only get hotter and hotterer from here. The cost of cooling and heating our homes has sky rocketed and having an home energy audit is a great way to find out what you can do in order to make your home less costly to heat, as well as air conditioned come the hot weather months.

I had my home looked at last year and they were the ones that prompted me to purchase and have installed my energy efficient windows that I am so happy with. And I got a good tax break from getting them as well, so it was well worth the time and money that I spent on them, especially when I get my heating and a/c utility bill now. There are lots of companies that will come out and do this service for you. I used the Home Energy Team website and it worked quick and easy like for me so I feel comfortable passing this information along here today.

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