Translation Agency Interview

I often wonder what my life would be like if I had done things differently. I don’t think I am much different than most people in that way. There were a couple of jobs that I really had hoped to have landed, that might have really impacted my life in various ways. I have always been taught that things happen for a reason, so I usually just roll with it as best as I can.

One job that I really, really wanted was with a brand new translation agency that a lot of local businesses were turning to. The position itself wasn’t as a translator, but as the office manager. My heart was broken when I didn’t get a call back after my interview. I thought that it had gone quite well actually and I even sent a nice thank you letter a few days after the interview. I ended up working at a kiosk at the local mall shortly after, selling dolls.

I wonder if I had landed that job, if I would have gone the extra mile and actually started to learn a foreign language, instead of ending up with shelves upon shelves and boxes and boxes of dolls all around the house.