Those Nasty Restroom Germs

I had to give a ride to a friend to go to Social Services yesterday. While we were waiting for her case worker to come for her I had to use the ladies room and wasn’t happy with what I experienced one bit. I have an issue with restrooms that do not provide a hook for us to women to hand our pocket books and/or jackets on. There is nothing worse than having to put these items on the dirty nasty floor and I┬áhave become┬ávery vocal about that issue.

Besides not having a hook they did not offer any paper towels to use to dry our hands and to use to open the door. This particular restroom even had a sign posted asking to please turn out the light upon leaving. There is no way that I am going to put my newly cleaned hands on a dirty germ infested door knob and light switch. Now I do have to say that they did have one of the electric hand dryers installed, which is all well and good but that doesn’t provide me with anything to use to open the door and turn off the light. These restroom hand dryers are a great way to dry your hands but I truly think that they also need to have paper towels for exactly the reasons that I have listed.

So after leaving the restroom I asked the lady behind the counter if I could speak to the office manager and was happy to find that the manager come out in only a matter of minutes. I explained the situation to her and she said she would make sure a hook was put it ASAP. But when it came to the paper towel issue she explained that they had to install one of the commercial hand dryers because people were coming in there and stealing them and/or trashing the place with them and that they could not afford to keep replacing them and cleaning up the mess each day. What a shame that this has become an issue. She did offer me some hand sanitizer which I promptly accepted, but I’m still not a happy camper at the whole situation.

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