Ink Issues, A Constant Search For Cheap Ink

I know that I am not alone when I say that one of the pains of owning a printer, copier and or a fax machine is not only the constant paper jams that we have to deal with but having to dish out so much money, and on a such a frequent and regular basis mind you, to keep them supplied with printer ink.  I seem to always be scoring the Sunday paper fliers for sales and bargains to be found on all of the inkjet cartridges that we have in just this one house hold! Then after matching which cartridge is needed for which machine, and if it needs color or just black, or both, to see if those are the ones being offered in the sales ad that you found. So many rules, restrictions, limits, exceptions and the rest of the real fine print that we all need to read, I just get so darned frustrated with it all.

There have been a few times that I went through all of the hassle of getting all of the correct information needed for my purchases and drove into town specifically for the purpose of bringing home a bag full of cheap ink for one and all, only to find out that they were sold out of the one for my printer and one other time the it was the victim of a miss print, a local newspaper’s typo that they were having a hard time with living up to with the limited stock that they had of this particular cartridge that was in such demand at such a low price that was in print for the whole community and surrounding area to read and jump in their car to race down there for the deal of the month. What a mess, that store manager had a long, hard shift that day. He didn’t look happy one bit!

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