Doctor Who” is Amazing Science Fiction Television

“Doctor Who” is a true classic of science fiction television. It has been on the air since 1963, making it the longest running science fiction show ever. There is a reason it has stayed on the air for so long–great story lines, amazing actors and memorable characters.

The Doctor is essentially a slightly mad alien with a time machine. He loves humanity and setting wrongs right. If you love a classic hero and tales of adventure then you will quickly fall in love with the Doctor.

Perhaps the greatest thing about “Doctor Who” is that the show has been designed so it can last forever. Both the Doctor’s companions and the Doctor himself are seamlessly recast and other altered to suit the times and current story arcs. If you never quite fell in love with David Tennant playing the Doctor, you can try again with Matt Smith’s version. Or, head back to the 1960’s and try an entirely different version of the same characters you know and love.

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