An Accordion Backpak – Who Would Have Thought!

My oldest Uncle is turning 58 next week, and my family and I have pulled together a great family get together, to celebrate. My only concern was that I wouldn’t be able find a present in time, that could also fit my budget. Luckily my Aunt told me a few things he has been wanting for quit sometime. He owns a few accordions that he has had for many years now, and has been looking for an accordion backpack, to help him carry it comfortably with him when he travels. He loves to show his talents off around the world with these awesome instruments.

So I thought I would search the web a bit and see what I could find, and was so amazed to find a great website in so little time with exactly what I thought my Uncle would want and they promised to have it delivered in time for this huge event. He opened his present up at his party our family threw for him, and I honestly have got to say my Uncle face lit up like Ive never seen it before. Not only was my Uncle extremely happy with his gift but my wallet is just as happy too.