Stick Legs

My sister hit the nail right on the head this time folks for sending me the link to I was complaining that I was having a really difficult time finding the right kind of summer clothing to wear during this extremely hot and very humid summer. I go through phases (much like most of us do) and this year I was really stumped as to what was best for me at this point in my life. Wearing shorts just doesn’t fell right any more now that I’m over 30. I still have a decent looking pair of legs mind you, but if the shorts are just at the right length it cuts my legs all wrong and I look like I have a set of sticks that I’m walking on. And that perfect length seems a bit too short for my taste these past couple of years.

Last year I was all about wearing all┬áthese wonderful summer sun dresses that I found at various thrift stores during the winter months, marked way, way down, super clearance cheap. Anyway that worked out well except that the majority of them don’t have any sleeves and my shoulders get really cold and I end up having to carry and wear a sweater all the time, which is a pain in the rear having to deal with, but definitely worth the hassle in the long run.

So this year my sister told me to check out some of the medical uniform stores and see if I could find a couple of sets of the nice looking scrubs that so many of our medical professionals are wearing to work. At first I thought she was just a tad bit off her rocker, but after thinking about it and actually looking at the link that she sent me I decided to give it a try and found two sets, that were on┬ásale of course, and placed my order. I didn’t qualify for the free shipping, but you can bet that my next order will. I all ready have a few items saved in my shopping bag for next year!

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