Realtor Checklists Made Easy

This popular checklist app for real estate agents on the go, and if you are a decent agent you are always on the go, is a real treat. It takes a special person, man or woman, and their mates, as well as their immediate family members to be be as flexible as possible, in all areas of life, for just about 24/7 for 365. I’ve met a few realtors here and there. They are very personable and do always seem to be off and running and hard to catch up with. I guess now a days with most of us have cell phones we are expected to be contacted right away by using just a few keystrokes on a quick and easy accessible keyboard.

I just had a flash back on the beepers that came out and grew in popularity in no time. If you had a beeper you were regarded as “well connected”. Funny how the whole beeper thing started out in the business world as a tool to keep in touch with employers and employees and how in a matter of no time flat everyone started getting, wearing and using a beeper. Back then there were car phones (or we called them mobile phones as well), but they were expensive and large and cumbersome to deal with. And then bada boom, bada bing cell phones came out and the whole world changed, right along with the ever growing use of the Internet.

All that brings me back to the goconnect app for realtor checklists that I was talking about. Ellen (my next door neighbor) is a real estate agent and she is a hoot and not really up on today’s technology! I couldn’t ask for a better friend/neighbor. I have had some pretty rotten neighbors in my time. As a matter of fact the neighbor on the right of our house and I don’t talk. We have had many issues with this old crazy man, but thank God for Ellen who lives on our left. She was showing me across the fence, which is were we spend a lot of time talking all the time, the realtor checklist app that she had just found and figured out how to use and benefit her needs and wants. She is very excited about the prospect of something available that she can actually figure out how to use and use it.

Ellen became a widow 9 years old and has a great out-look on life. She is a nice looking woman, for her age, and she is very encouraging and nurturing, and has a heart of gold. Ellen never had children but they always had several types of critters under their care. You never know what you will see when you go in her house, and her backyard is a beautiful, animal friendly, home to a variety of living creatures that she has rescued and taken care of. She is always looking for new homes for these animals. I fear she takes in way more than people take out.