Just A Bit Out Of The Corporate Relm

I hate feeling left out of conversations about some of today’s high tech stuff that I just don’t know much about. I ran into a couple of friends today and we decided to grab some coffees at our local Starbucks, one of my favorite places to get a nice hot full flavored mocha, topped off with a big blob of whipped cream. Well, it seems that my friends are very high tech and their conversations were full of m&a deals, Hedge Funds, Life Sciences,┬álegal translations and a bunch of other stuff about corporate high finance. I felt so bad sitting there sipping on my mocha and spending most of my time looking out the window and at the floor, like a big fat out of touch dummy.

I do remember them mentioning a merrill virtual data room and I jotted it down so that when I got home I could look it up online and see what in the heck the big to do is about. So after taking the time to look it up I’m still pretty much in the dark, I’m sad to say. I mean I’m no dummy, but somethings just are out of league and I’ve got to own up to that I guess. I’m glad that I ran into these folks but I can tell that we have pretty much grown apart and I most likely won’t be doing much socializing with them in the near future.

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