Car Wash

Today I stopped at the gas station to fill up the tank and I forgot my credit card. Thank goodness had some cash with me, so I went inside to pay for the gas. It’s funny, because I almost never go inside the stores anymore. I usually pay at the pump because it is fast and easy.

But since I had to pay cash, I went inside. The clerk was very nice and offered me a discount on a car wash if I filled up the tank. The little automatic car wash that they have does a good job on a quick wash if you normally keep your car pretty clean. It’s usually $5 for the basic car wash and up to $10 for the deluxe super duper with wax and wheel shine and all the extras.

So the special offer was half price on any of the price levels and I decided that $2.50 for a car wash was a pretty good deal. So now I have both gas and a clean car, and I’m feeling pretty good about my ride today.

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