I’ll The First On My Block!

I’ve known that whitehall address plaques have the best selection and a variety of prices but of course me being me I had to check it out for myself and see what I could find using the Internet for all that it is worth and meant for. I really want one of the nice looking custom address plaques that a lot of my neighbors are having made up and installed. I’ve talked with several of them and they all have told me the same thing that whitehallis the way to go, most interesting, I had no idea that whitehall had such a reputation.

The need for better residential address plaques has been a topic of conversation around the neighborhood for some time now ever since we all most lost Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell last year due to the personalized address plaques that they had on their home that wasn’t placed in the best place for the ambulance driver to see it and there was a major hassle that cost them a lot of valuable time that could have been used to try and help stabilize both of these poor people that were both having medical issues that required the EMTs assistance.

So I have found a great website at justaddressplaques.com that has some of the nicest bronze address plaques that I’ve seen around and since no one else has a bronze address plaque I plan on being the first and I’ve placed my order and should be receiving it in short order. I’m pleased with myself right now with a job well done.

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