Traveling With The Family

Every generation has grand dreams of vacationing in distant lands and countries. I’m sure the urge to travel and see places that are unknown to us is a primal one. My parents always wanted to take the whole family to Japan and then Vietnam. They were always so into the Asian culture that it was a dream we were all convinced would come true. Unfortunately we never got to make that adventure a reality. We still all talk about it from time to time though. However, we were planning on a trip to the U.K.

There are several people involved with this trip so it is going to take a miracle to get this all planned out in a way that everyone will be happy! It seems that the more people you involve the harder it is to actually have good time, but that has never stopped us before so it won’t be too much of a problem this time. We thing I’d like to do is stay at the Bristol Hotel(s) at least one night, if not more. I have a friend who stays at the Bristol and always rants and raves about it. I have always wanted to see it for myself, but I never imagined that I really would one day in the future.

This is going to take some organizing, and I don’t think we will be going any time soon. My sister and her hubby are doing a lot of the research and planning, which is just fine with me. I’m pretty easy to get along with so I’ll be happy with just about anything as long as everyone else is happy and getting along with each other!

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