Safety First

I am so very happy to hear that my kid sister is finally coming to town for her first road trip since the baby was born. A 6 hour drive, road trip, isn’t something that she can handle very often and now that there is a baby involved I’m afraid we will not be seeing the baby as often as we would like to, unless of course one of us gets behind the wheel and makes the drive down there for a visit, which is something that we need to start doing more of now. This baby is the first baby born into the family in over 13 years so there is a lot of celebrating going on and people are very anxious to get their hands onto this little bundle of joy and spoil her rotten.

It has been so long since a baby was around any of us that we are not up to speed on our baby proofing efforts. She (her name is Charli Rose) is only 2 months old right now and can’t get into too much trouble right now, but time flies and the next thing we know she will be crawling all around and getting into all the things that she isn’t supposed to get into, of course, that is to be expected out of any baby. Now a days they have really great baby products and you can buy just about anything you need online these days. I’ve been looking at some Extra Wide Baby Gates to place in my home when the time comes.

My door ways are extra wide, for some reason, so it will take something that is extra wide to get the job done. Not having the right kind of Baby Gates can lead to disaster so I want to make sure that I get the best Child Safety Gates that are on the market, so I’m taking my time and doing a bit of  research before just dishing out my money on the first thing that I see.   There is an awesome website at that I have found some great safety items which I’ve urged some other family member to take a look at and possibly buy some baby proofing products as well by sending them all the link.

I can’t wait for that weekend to get here, I’ve been missing my baby sister and her precious Charli Rose as well, since I’ve only gotten to see her once since she is born. I’m sure that she will be my arms more than anyone’s this visit and they will have to pry her out of my arms when it is time for them to leave. I’m getting a bit choked up just thinking about it, crazy right?

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