Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education is a wonderful program for schools to be involved with, it is a good way to add the much needed revenue that is needed for most schools these days. You can find these Box Top coupons on hundreds of grocery items that are at the store, you just clip them and send them to your kid’s school, or to your favorite place of learning, if you don’t have any school aged children in the house.

Last year my brother’s daughter’s English teacher sent an email to all of the parents advising them that extra credit will be given to the students that bring in these very popular coupons, and my niece certainly could use the extra credit. So I am sending an email to all my friends and family asking them to start clipping and start sending these valuable coupons to me in hopes that I can help the entire school as well.

You can go to for further information, if you so desire, to check this program out for your use

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