Innovations and Variations of Breast Lift Surgery

No matter how women feel about the size of their breasts due to the ideal aesthetic claim that the nipples should be located at the inframammary fold and should be pointing directly forward or must slightly be upturned.  Breasts that do not fall within this standard are described as sagging or ptotic.   When you find out that you have these kinds of breasts, know that there is always a solution and that is to undergo a breast lift surgery.

Breast lift surgery is a common cosmetic surgery performed in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world.  It can generally enhance the appearance of breast with the use of breast implants.

Sagging or ptotic breasts are classified in three grades – grade 1 is where the nipple falls below the inframammary fold, 2 is when the nipple is within the mammary fold but is still located above the bottom of the breast and grade 3 is when the nipple is located at the bottom of the breast usually facing down.

Pseudoptosis also occurs when the breast looks flattened or droopy albeit the fact that the nipple might not be out of position.  Breast lift is ideally recommended when such conditions occur.

There are variations of the breast lift procedure that you can consider.  It is dependent on the amount of lift you want done which includes – the crescent lift where the surgeon incises a crescent of skin from above the areola.  The breast will then be reshaped around the missing skin which will result in less ptosis giving a higher nipple position.

The doughnut technique is also utilized.  A circle of skin is taken around the nipple area then the breast is reshaped around the missing skin which will result in a higher nipple position and in less ptosis.

The vertical incision usually involves the severing of a tapered vertical portion of skin from above and below the nipple.  When the breasts are brought together, there would be minimal scarring and usually an impressive level of lift is achieved.

The anchor technique or the T incision is by far the greatest breast lift procedure done since it requires the largest removal of skin and would cause so much scarring.  In this technique, an anchor shape of skin is cut from above and around the nipple extending until the bottom until the inframammary fold.  Once the skin is removed and the breast is reshaped the results expected is usually having an 8cm nipple elevation.

These are just some of the techniques utilized in breast lift surgery.  Before you take the plunge and decide to undergo a certain procedure make sure that you have weighed all of your options – consult a skilled surgeon to help you come up with the best possible solution.